Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Holes And Baby Universes and other essays

Mind is a marvellous thing. From the beginning of civilization, human has tried to know the mystery, miracles and destiny. His search is still going on. Is it going to end or is it never ending process? What is the origin of universe? What is its future? Is everything determined? There are thousands of question which stirs the mind with huge complexity and sometimes to think them; to understand them appears beyond our ability. But Stephen Hawking has made it an exception. His book “Black Holes and Baby Universes and other essays” has streamlined these complex issue in such a simple narrative format, with a stimulating wit   that even a non-scientific person can understand. The book is collection of essay that he wrote over the period 1976 to 1992, contains fourteen chapters, written in autographical way. The first few essay deals with his childhood, his studies in Oxford and Cambridge and how did he cope with his incurable disease precisely known as Motor Neuron Disease. His lines are motivating and encouraging. In one of his essay, he writes,” Before my condition was diagnosed, I had been very bored to life. There had seemed to be anything worth doing. But shortly after I came out of hospital, I dreamt that I was going to be executed. I suddenly realized that there were lot of worthwhile things I could do if I were reprieved.” There are other captivating moments like how he saw the boy, suffering with leukaemia and felt realized that there were people worse off than him. In the next chapters, he has dealt with public attitude towards science. About the conventional studies of science in schools, he writes, “Science, in schools, is often presented in dry and uninteresting manner. Children learnt it by rote to pass the examination, and they don’t see its relevance to the world around them.”
In further chapters, he explains what a complete and unified theory is and if there is such theory how we can model it. He says that modelling physical reality comprises two parts.
First we have to find the local laws that govern various physical quantities and second we should have sets of boundary conditions that tell us the state of some regions of the universe at a certain time and what effects propagates into it subsequently from the rest of the universe.
He further explains what the greatest mistake was made by Einstein(which Einstein himself accepted) and how he realized it.  A detailed discussion was made on the origin of universe, starting with different school of thoughts and then reaching to the modern concept of singularity that most of the scientists accept. He gives us optimistic thought of finding the one of the complex question,” How did the universe begin.” But why it bothers to exist, will be mystery.”
In the next chapters he explains the quantum mechanics of black holes, black holes and baby universe and rules out any possibility of space travel in near future due to uncertainty principle .In his essay entitled “Is everything determined?  He says,” yes, it is. But it might as well not be, because we can never know what is determined. “
About the future of universe, he lucidly explains the different possibility of universe in future. With a clear understanding of words like ‘chaos’, ‘singularity’, ‘critical density’, ’law of inflation’ he gives us insight that really  thrill us to catch a glimpse of dark mystery of universe.
 Read this book, you will as enjoy as you enjoy your favourite science fiction movie. You will never find such a simple book, without any equation (except E=m.c^2), on such a convoluted topic.  

Thursday, July 30, 2009

God's Quote

Read it; Feel it; Apply it.

Only once have I been made mute. It was when a man asked me,” Who are you?”
When God threw me, a pebble, into this wondrous lake I disturbed its surface with countless circles. But when I reached the depths I became very still.
The significance of man is not what he attains, but rather in what he longs to attain.
Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that other half may reach you.
A truth is to be known always, to be uttered sometimes.
A madman is not less a musician than you or myself; only the instrument on which he plays is a little out of tune.
Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
The difference between the richest man and the poorest is but a day of hunger and an hour of thirst.
Only an idiot and a genius break man-made laws; and they are the nearest to the heart of God.
The silence of the envious is too noisy.
Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.
Turtles can tell more about the roads than hares.
You may forget the one with whom you have laughed. But never the one with whom you have wept.
I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.
*Excerpted by the Book 'MadMan', authored by Khalil Gibran

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Police And Politics

Have you watched the movie “Apharan”? I was really shattered after seeing the movie. It was quite shocking to see the dirty politics and impotent police force. One scene was really kick in the teeth, in which superintendent of Police was sobbing in the lap of his wife, explaining his incapability after being slapped by the MP. It was a movie, a fictitious story. But more or less this incident is being repeated in every parts of our country by our respected MPs and MLAs. The latest case has happened in Varanasi, in which ADM was abused and slapped; his cloths were torn apart by a MLA of Samajwadi Party and his supporters. Is it not shame for democracy? People are always being motivated to abide by laws and these representatives of people are breaking these laws and showing how impotent system is and how important they are. Who can imagine that it is Gandhi’s nation who freedom is deep-rooted in truth and nonviolence. Criminals have killed the politics. Personally, in our college days whenever we see a student, expert in exploiting others with absurd thoughts, we predicted him a great politician in near future. You can imagine what the outlook of common people about politician is. To be convicted in some mardani (masculine) case seems to be an essential qualification for being a politician. If you have slapped a police; if you have led a protest march; if you have burnt effigy.  Then, feel that you are on the right path to join politics. I am going to join DRDO as scientist, we have three verification from police, IB and CBI and these politicians who are going to represent our country; going to lead us to prosperity and happiness do not need ­ any qualification, do not need unstained, spotless political image. Where are we leading , Democracy to autocracy?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Are The World

 A tiny leaf quivers
The giant tree dances
 A single string vibrates
The guitar sprouts a melody
 You see one, then
Mountain is mountain
Sky is sky
River is river
 You see the integration of all
It is beauty
Life is integration
An amalgamated creation
You are the world
Observer is observed.
 seer is the seen

A Way To Assi Ghat

I have visited Assi Ghat many times but today it was different in the sense that I was alone; by foot and with a Fujifilm digital camera in a rainy, cloudy day. Suddenly a gust of raindrops was beginning to pour and for the next five minutes, it was in a rest like a periodic cycle. I was enjoying both as it was feeling me the nostalgia of my childhood when we ran in the heavy raindrops, striking against our face and body with heavy school bags on the shoulder. I walked along the KabirNagar road and saw the banners of coaching speaking of PRIME CLASSES, JRS Institute, APEX Institutes, Ashok Singh’s Academy and many more. It is amazing how just in 4 years, number of coaching increased from one to seven, just beside the KabirNagar road with appealing names. It is not so far when this road will match to Kakadev Gali of Kanpur in the number of coaching institutes.

I just passed near the famous Durga temple known more as Durga-Kund. There was a great rush of devotee as usual. There were two queues of the beggars at the two side of the gate of temple. Their eyes were restlessly watching with convincing dismay. Many people were familiar with their good acting and few were exception. At every second, I could see how tempo drivers were bowing his head, murmuring Jai Mata Di. I wonder if those are the man who beat his wives and humiliate their mothers.

As I reached Assi Ghat, it had become somewhat dark, earlier because of dark clouds. One can easily find a fair number of foreigners near the Ghat, enjoying the pious, calm and mystical feeling, sprouting from the river Ganges. Some foreigners were clad in Indian traditional dress Dhoti-Kurta with twisted long hairs and a large red tilak on their foreheads. People were gathered around the shops selling spicy chats, roasted mazes and special-tea. I saw some couples, expressing their love in the cool and peaceful ambiance of Ganges, after anyhow getting a private place. As to respect their privacy I only spotted them for a second and moved forward.

I watched; I enjoyed; I contemplated. Now it was time to return. I reached beside the Manas Mandir and ordered a Lassi. First I smelled the lassi; let its coolness, sweetness to flow through nostrils to mind and then to my stomach which stimulated my craving of taking it to my dried mouth. In a second it was finished and finally with refreshing footsteps, I walked towards my home.

*photos are subjeted to copyright.

Monday, July 27, 2009

When death touches you, it gives a new life

Mr X is lying on the expensive cushioned mattress. His eyes are half-closed; his breaths are slow and heavy. His forehead is shining with the oil. He is in white Kurta-payjama. The fragrance of artificial scent of Ferrari brand has superseded the scent of medicine. He is as restive as a dead body.  Sometimes his lip is quivering as he is praying or saying something. His son Y and Z are standing both sides, besides his legs. Some of his relatives have also entered into the room. Seeing his condition, their eyes are moistening. They are not able to stop crying and praising...” what a noble man he is! He is the man of determination. Just See his achievements, where he was and where he is now, a poor farmer boy to billionaire.”

 Mr X is half dead for his family. But Mr X is still as awakened from inside as he used to be at any business deal. All the events like images with sounds are rounding in his head. He is seeing the desperation for being rich, being successful in his college days. He is reminding how he was feeling jealous of the students from prosperous family; how tensed he was when for the first time he was called for interview; how his goal of doing social service lost its identity in the zigzag path of corporate world; how he has chased the source of fruits and never has tasted them; how an emotional gap is created between him and his wife, between him and his children due to his workaholic nature; how he used to fear from death and now when death is near he is feeling more peace and calmness as he has never experienced in his whole life. For the first time, he has time to think of something beyond his desire of success, beyond his business. He is realising how ridiculous and unimportant his stresses and tensions were, who used to present at every time before any deal and after any deal who finally led him to death-bed, merely in his fifties . He is not repenting but thanking and praying to god, if it is possible to give him some more days to relish this beautiful world with the open eyes, with open heart. He is reminding the lines which he had once read,” When death touches you, it gives a new life.”

Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Innocent Answer

It is sunny morning of spring. In the garden, the trees that were bare few days ago are now covered with new enchanting green leaves. Wind is flowing from the east with a fragrance of wetted soil. Some children are running against the wind. Some are playing marbles on the smooth yellowish ground surrounded by shrubs and bushes.  Some are making Charakhi by cutting the mango leaves, and linking it to the cot, in a hope to make the cot fly like an aeroplane. Their warbling is mingling in the wind and making it alive, an animate being.  Some are staring at the earthy waterway flowing beside the tree from the tube-well to the dry fields and are putting the boats, made of leaves. Some are running, massaging and wrestling into the waterlogged fields.
“What are you doing here? Go and read! These things will not make you rich.” (An earnest middle aged voice swells in the ambiance.)
“What is to be rich, father!” (An innocent voice inquires).
“After becoming rich, you will be happy, my boy!”
“That means I will not have to read, once I become rich.”

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love and Lust

some one has said that love is based on affinity while lust is based solely on desire. This is my attempt to differentiate between two
My heart panted
My eyes gazed
My focus converged
As the beauty passed
Black, big eyes, slender look
Her curly brown hair swayed
Sprinkling a fragrance to the wind
Making me mad and passionate
Creating a internal debate
Of love and lust
Of sacred and rot
Of fulfilment and desire
I was burning with fire
I witnessed myself
I found   the truth
When I saw her body
I describe it lust
When I see into her deep eyes
I describe it love
Love only gives
Lust only takes
Love and lust are like smoke and fire
When love is near
Lust is nowhere, o! My dear

Friday, July 24, 2009

Faith Or Fever

In scorching heat, I saw the bare legs; old legs, young legs, small legs, big legs, weary legs, passionate legs, wounded legs, bandaged legs. A twinkling decorated wooden stick, with two small sized pots hanging at its two ends, oscillating front and back was reflecting a typical austerity. Clad in keshariya half trousers and shirts, layering against their sweated scorched body were moving with a restoring chant of “Bole Bum”. Yes, I am talking about ‘Kanwariyas

While moving out from Kanpur to Allahabad, police force with arms, smoke coming out of dying flames of two burned trucks was creating a dreaded picture. Soon it was revealed to me, it is done by some kanwariyas, in revenge to their deceased fellow. Later I found this is not only happened this year, but previous year same thing happened. There are many incidents like forcibly sitting down in the train, misbehaving with the people. Are they not tarnishing their image?
These incidents put many questions about their reverence, faith and beliefs. I do not know whether it is the faith or a mere fashion that is attracting mass of people from every class of every age. But whatever it is, these incidents leave a black stain on HINDUISM.
*All photos are taken by me by my mobile....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Lost Love

It was a sunny morning. The fresh zephyr of coziness was embroidering my whole body with a mystical feeling. I walked along the river-side, surrounded by lush green trees, reflecting its greenery into the calm, cool and bluish water and booming its beauty to divinity. Birds were out of the next and were clamoring as they were doing their morning prayer, feeling their gratitude for a new day to live; a new day to relish; a new day to explore. I was feeing the silence inside, going deeper and deeper as I was witnessing everything happening around me. The semi-circled Sun, in the red crust was rising in the far horizon, embellishing the sky with a blooming redness, and layering the blue sky with an exquisite creativity. I was walking with a full awareness of every movement of my body parts and appreciating existence as an overwhelming gift.

Suddenly as I approached to the temple, the scenery took me to the reminiscence of my past, an unforgettable wound that pinches my heart, trembles my existences and obstructs the seed to plant, to flourish which was sowed in my childhood with pure, delicate, and unaltered hands of me and her. I remember her inviolable hands in my hand, swinging simultaneously up and down, harmonizing the inner-gaiety and levity in a rhythmic fashion. A mystical feeling and unison of senses, running through my body to her, was centering the turbulence of feeling in the heart. My eyes were witnessing her pretty face, dazzling black eyes, her half-closed black hair in the layout of blue sky, spectacular green trees, and breezy chilled air, in the morning shadow of temple. When I looked into her eyes, the veils of intellect, shame and modesty mingled into an ocean of an unknown, which my heart deciphers today as ‘Love’, a feeling of laying out for no reason, for no gain and still gearing up for any pain. The day was the last day of my heavenly life when I heard that she was no more. I know her loss was heaven’s gain and still today, in the rain of his remembrance, the petals of flower boom, spreading the aroma of love, happiness and livingness in my barren life.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Love happens only once & rest is just life

It was not vivid, but it sounded emphatic and for a moment, turned my attention to the young couple, sitting under a dense shadow of banyan tree, on a stoned chair. Their body was tensed, their action were symbolizing their annoyance and irritation. Soon their discussion turned into an exaggeration and sudden gust of temper turned into a departure in two opposite direction. As the bridegroom turned towards my position, I slightly turned my eyes and for a moment I got shocked. Oh no! He was Kirtan, my friend, who was my room-mate for past 3 years in IT-BHU. After graduation I went to do research and he went to the software firm. I was invited in his marriage, but first time I realized what is difference between a professional-life and college life. College life makes you ready for professional life and professional life makes you ready for a barren, captive and boring life. At first, it seemed his anger and desperation had blurred his eyes as he was staring me like an unknown tourist, in the city of mountain, Shimla.

I whispered”, Kirtan! Are you Kirtan?”
He startled and exclaimed,” Amit, Oh my God! Is this you?”
Suddenly, his whole gesture turned into a chuckling laughter from a grave and weighty seriousness.
What are you doing here, man,” he giggled, “Are you here for Honeymoon? I can not believe you are married!”
No yaar, I, somehow veiling my desperation through a phony smile, said,” I am free till now. Free to choose; free to live; free to have a trip with any girl.”
I could feel how my words were cuddled with a clandestine distress.
I promptly turned the topic and asked with emphasis to the words,” ok, tell me, how are you doing? Where is your wife, my dear Bhabhi Ji?”
He sat down beside me and ordered two cup of coffee and sighed,” you know, marriage gives you a lot of things, most importantly a partner to share your happiness, your unhappiness. When I first time meet with my wife, I saw the reflection of true love, the girl for which I used to dream. We dated for 2 years and now finally got married 6 months before. But now what is happening with me or her is not really good, we both feel like a weight for each other, possessiveness haunts both and many times it leads us a fight between us.”
I exclaimed,” are you talking about Rishita? The girl, popular for her cute look and attracting eyes”
I don’t know what happened to me as I was not able to hinder my crush to Rishita.

“Hey! Don’t call her a girl now. She is my wife”, he chuckled with a mixture of pride and desperation.
“Do you realize, half of our class-mates are crazy for her? You are winner man… Really, a winner!”
I was not able to shield my emotions in spite of his coveted warning.

“Don’t tell me that you are also crazy for her, I know you, and you have not even talked to her. Everyone jokes about you, how will you ever propose to a girl.”

“Ohhh!! Yes, I was that sort of person. But now I have changed. You know, these 3 years of experience in this doomed world has made me different. Now I can feel what the importance of love in this barren world is”

“Really! Are you saying these words? I can not believe…”

“Ok, tell me when are you getting married? Got a crush on any girl?”

Many time words creates such a storm in which we lost our control, the desperation that I have held in my eyes were rushed out through the streaky corner of the eyes, demonstrating the dismay that was layered with fake smile.

“Kirtan, I am divorced!”
(Every single word seems to be so weighty that it was hard to put on tongue)

My tear rolled out .My face was soaked with salinity of my deep anguish.
I sighed and uttered,” you know, what type of person I used to be, always used to avoid the girls. So for the first time I met Anjali, I found something comfortable with her in talking, discussing and explaining everything that I feel. She loved my talking and like a good counselor helped me to come out from many problems. We liked each other and without making any delay, we got married. For some months everything went smoothly but as we explored each other completely, we found that the image, the reflection which had attracted towards each other is a very tiny part of our personality. As you know how stubborn and obstinate I am. I led our marriage at the verge of catastrophe and finally our fragile bond turned into an emotional exodus.”

It is pathetic, yaar! But don’t be in distress. Forget, whatever happened to you. Start a new life.You are young, smart, you have job. What else do you need to have a good married life?

I sighed,” Love! I do not have this. You know, Love happens only once & rest is just life. “

Kirtan trembled from his toe to head. His perspiring face in the cold atmosphere was revealing his desperation for his wife. May be, he got the reflection of his future in the tears of my eyes.

In the mean-time, I can feel the love, arising in the heart of the Kirtan, eliminating the dark hatred for his wife and leaving a refreshed, egoless quintessential of love. I thanked my self and thought,
Pain for one, is the medicine for other

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Journey to Lucknow

This was my second journey to Lucknow, a city illustrated as city of nawabs. I, my elder brother and younger one got in the Varuna express at 4:55 A.M. on 12th of July and set out for the M.B.B.S counseling of my younger brother in KGMC. Counseling was on 13th of July. So we moved off to catch a glimpse of this famous city. We planned to visit the zoo and other places like Imambada, bhool-bhulaiya. So after putting our bag and baggage into Mama Ji’s room, we hired a tempo and first went to zoo. As we entered, we first noticed a board, hanging and declaring “The most dangerous animal on the planet”. I got thrilled and as I moved near the board, there was mirror reflecting my self and for a moment, I thought,” is it true?”

I saw bear, Giraffe, rhinoceros, lion, tiger, hippotamus, zebra, and snakes and felt the rich diversity and incredible beauty of existence. I begin to ponder,” why and how existence is so diverse?Does the principal of entropy in physics correspond to the diversity of existence? Does diversity has a class, like diversity in different species and diversity in the same species? Does existence plays permutation and combination while forming a new species or it is deterministic? Let’s leave it what ever it is, but there is beauty in diversity, caressed by curiosity and inquisitiveness.

After that we went to Imambada. I have no such keen interest in historic buildings but for the sake of passing time I went with my brothers. It began to rain heavily and soon roads got flooded with water, cuddled with mud and dirt. Somehow we managed to stand just below a building. As soon as, raining reached a moderate level we got into a horse-rickshaw and with an amicable jerks and comfortable mumbling sound, we set out to investigate the historic facts on historic rickshaw, for just thirty rupees. We just saw chhota Imambada and left other for other days and unfortunately for seeing others, other day was not in our fortune. I do not know if time travel is possible in future(as Stephen Hawking says, it will never be )or not and for me, there is only one importance of historical things is that seeing them, snap shooting them and realizing them, makes you to travel in past to sense the unknown and to quench the inquisitiveness. It is travel through mind, if not through your body.

A gift by Russian government to Indian government
Finally, we set forth to satiate our appetite. I am not a strictly a vegetarian but I prefer to be a vegetarian as it has aesthetic value. We ordered onion -Kulcha, mix-veg and maushroom-matar with a sweet-corn soup and finally Rashmalai as a finishing dish. I found the food delectable with a luscious scent, cooked in a hygienic way. Every time I was taking a piece food into my mouth, I can feel the relishing and rejuvenating sense arising through my taste buds and reaching to my brain, gratifying and warming my hunger in a charismatic way.

my elder and younger brother
And finally, good news J my brother is allotted GSVM, college in Kanpur for his M.B.B.S course. Soon I am setting out for my first journey to Kanpur. And one thing also after seeing KGMC, Lucknow, I am feeling more elated now to be alumni of BHU for its cordial, generous and warm behavior and also for its lush, green, sparkling and beautiful campus.

Friday, July 10, 2009


When I see in the infinite sky

I see the white and black clouds

Giving a finite picture

Of everything one remember

Is it God’s art?

Painting in the ecstasy

Touching, relishing through the drops

Of rain and letting us to feel

The dance, the song of existence

And the love and gratefulness

Without any prejudice or injustice

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Acceptance: A unique medication

This beautiful painting is painted by Elizabeth-Silk

Is it possible to determine what is going to the next moment? If I switch on the bulb, light spreads over ubiquitously. But there must be electricity and many other things. So, what I want to enunciate is, our life is determined by the laws and limited by the constraints. Laws are physical or metaphysical; local or universal. Constraints may be social, political, economical and cultural. We do not know the theory of everything but whatever theory (like Newton’s law of motion) we know we can determine the effect of cause like the distance covered by a projectile for a given velocity and gravity. So, is it really possible to know what will happen to our life in every dimension, once we know the theory of everything? I am not becoming very optimist but I feel, somehow this theory (every thing is determined) gives me a sense of acceptance of the thing happening around me, happening inside me. I personally deem that acceptance is the greatest medication and a path to meditation, a psychological remedy to most of the problems. In life, we face many disaster, many heart-breaking situations. Now at this time either we can accept the things or can yell in faintness,”why me?” Acceptance gives us a clearer vision, serene mind to think over the problems. Acceptance makes us a witness who watches everything (like a meditative person watches its breath). Acceptance is not idleness. It doesn’t lead us to inactivity but makes us to realize for being responsible for our own situation. If we believe this, we will not blame anyone; we will not regret for anything. It gives us a sense of detachment to the fruits and feeling of gratefulness for what we have got. If we accept ourselves, we will love ourselves. If one cannot love himself, how can he love others? When one love oneself, a feeling of uniqueness, individuality dawns upon him, illuminating the darkness of self humiliation and inferiority. Acceptance is like celestial rain drops which washes ours dusty, stained and contaminated facade and again make us lovely and beautiful in the mirror of our consciousness.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blood Sucking Vampires

The prevalence of underweight children in India is among the highest in the world, and is nearly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa, the report says. It also observes that malnutrition in India is a concentrated phenomenon. A relatively small number of states, districts, and villages account for a large share of the burden – 5 states and 50 percent of villages account for about 80 percent of the malnutrition cases. visit to the link

A tangible, vulnerable blow of air
Arid, dried with a dusty-layer
A fire, igniting the innermost core
Melting and flowing through every pore
Restive eyes are soliciting with a mute cry
Heart is tired with a sullen sigh
Body has been bent like a twisted oak
Hand and legs are strained like a fork
Stomach looks like a concave dried river
Forehead is burning with fever
A bony figure, devoid of flesh
Crippling and pulling, when we are in race
Of money, fame and passion
Oblivious to the question
Who is responsible?
Every one, but what about them
Who are feeding from the underneath of the table?
Crowing millions, burning billions with a religious label
Ignoring, one who is lamenting and crying like a feeble
Still deciphered as confluence of mercy and nobility
Tell me, are they not bloodsucking vampires?
Devouring and ridiculing their poverty and disability
For their clandestine- reprehensible-political empire.