Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Republic Day

I have a typical habit of thinking which sometimes drifts to anxiety. Well, I love thinking- Positive thinking, Negative thinking, rational thinking, Irrational thinking. All the adjectives you know, just use and follow the word “thinking”...You will get the classification of thinking. Now when I am in DRDO the question “What is the role of any Defence Organization” has been stimulating me for quite some time. Well, fundamentally any organization works for two purposes. To provide the things, people desire and secondly to build an environment in which people can pursue their desire. Basically the role of defence organization is to put forth a desirable and pleasant environment. A person is hungry. To provide food is work of first type of organization. But to provide a surrounding in which he can eat it comfortably is the role of second type of organizations. Which is superior or which should be prioritized first is irrelevant and absurd as the dependency of two in current scenario is quite significant and impacting. In a deeper sense, even we are fulfilling our desire somewhere there must be a conflict and that conflict would let us to feel the necessity of an organization which can protect or provide the pleasant environment. Conflict arises, not when one attacks but when one protects.
Environment is complex thing as it is defined by the people living in it as well as this same environment defines the people who are living in it. Cause and effect are so interrelated. And when I have to talk about a typical environment in our country where so many issues (I don’t need to mention) are contaminating it, it has become imperative for all to contribute something in order to make it purer. The present is outcome of all the activities that are happening, have happened and is supposed to happen in future. And present has only potential to bring a happy and prosperous future by learning from past. We are indebted to past for our present. So somehow it is our duty to pay back it by our participation for a bright and pleasant future...
In the end I just want to repeat the lines of Kahlil Gibran, the significance of man is not in what he attains, but rather in what he longs to attain.
Happy Republic Day :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


My mind which I find dominantly “right” is not satisfied and hence, is constantly pushing a question whether a person of “right” brain could be a “ right” scientist. Personally, I don’t want to be one of those people who incessantly striving for making their future " better" without enjoying the "good" (present).I don’t want to make my life mathematics...I want to make it poetry. There is something in my life that is constantly challenging me to do; to accomplish; to achieve. In the high decibel of theses noises, genuinely what I want seems blur and vague. But sometimes, I feel that you should let yourself flow. And currently, I am in such situation. It has been many days since I have opened my laptop; have seen a good movie; have written something; have introspected and expressed my thoughts.I am missing all those things. The absence of those things has created a void in my life. Recently I have developed interest in photography. And in next coming months, I want to deepen it. So I am going to start a new blog exclusively for photography. I hope this new hobby would made me more sensitive to appreciate the existence in these busy periods of my life.
Wish You A Very Happy New Year....:)