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Thoughts flowing through the woven words Reflected so clearly through the dancing eyes A life was indeed flowing Flowing! In between two lives.
In the longitudinal expansion and compression The silent music was vibrating in the mysterious tune The bonds inside were loosening And two lives were centering to a new life.
In the shadow of love, conversely, Things become brighter and prettier In the bond of love, conversely Souls taste the eternal freedom
In the mirror of her eyes First time I loved myself so deeply First time I saw “I” vanishing into “We” First time I felt a drop mingling into Life-Sea
My hands felt a sudden urge to touch her I felt to say how amazing, adorable she was But the touch, the words were so petty Their worldly touch could defile its sanctity
Alas! The night of departure stroked Ear got deaf and eyes got blurred It was “Time” who tried to cut the chord To break the mirror with its mighty sword I cried oh! Lord Why did you let me fall in love with her? If you had to take her away from m…