Sunday, August 8, 2010


In the fierce and feverish wind
You came and gave a shelter
To my trembled, trampled and gloomy beam of my life
 In the light of my own beam
I saw your radiant face like a sun-rise in my darkened heart
My expression flowed, wiping out all the layers of deceptiveness
And softened the hardened rock 
burdened on my chest due to life-long deposition
Of rules of Good and bad; 
Of discrimination of beautiful and ugly
In the layer-less conscious of my being
I saw the transparent bareness of my own being
Felt the love flowing in the veins in place of blood
Heard the music of my soul crooned by my heart  
And vibrating the tiniest cells of my body
On the sweetest rhythm of Life
I can’t say...How lively the words become
When my love drenches the words coming for you
When I see in your lovely comely eyes
I often wonder...I am seeing Me or You...