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Swelling Technology & Waning Spirituality

In this era of technological revolution, our efforts are merging towards an absolute control of everything. Just push a button and apparently, everything from lighting, AC, TV or even opening and closing of doors are at our finger tips. Sometimes, I wonder what would be the end of this revolution. Would it be like as we see in Hollywood movies in which they repeatedly show the control of humanity by human-made ROBOTs or would it just start mitigating as everything in nature does after reaching its peak. I cannot say if the evolution followed by revolution is cyclic or linear but a little observation in the changing scenario can provide a substantial clue for coming future.
From the inception of Mankind, religion and science are the two basic structures which have been supporting humanity. If Science feeds you, religion gives you the taste of food. Both are distinct but inevitable for Mankind. The lack of anyone would create havoc in the system.If we go slightly deeper into the realm of…

Come On INDIA!!

Things are changing fast. Perception and its reaction have quite changed in these years. Thanks to media, and people like Anna Hazzare and Baba Ramdev...The stream of awareness in people’s perception is finally claiming to bring a Tsunami against the old-wretched political and beureachratic system of India. A revolution is not an accident. It is certificate for people’s lost faith and dying hope to existing governing system. And the recent appalling acts of corruption one after another by governing party were more than enough to trigger the people’s fury. And when Anna Hazzare became the torch bearer, millions supported him in the hope that a “Change” would finally come. The “Change”.... The dawn of which will bring the end of blood-sucking-Vampires from Indian Political and beureachratic system. So my question is ...Would really the acceptance of LOKPAL BILL bring this change or would it just create another camouflaged and just superficially-changed old system, painted in eyes-soothin…


The fluttering-flames of the candle-light Was making me breath in and out As her sparkling face was swinging to shadowy-unknown An explicable beauty was flowing Like mesmerizing-rays of dawning sun When I looked into her deep-dark-dazzling eyes Could see the burning flame fluttering with her disheartening-sigh And, the tears, dammed to blaze the flame for long I know the flame might smoulder my flammable-feelings Despite... it is the light of flame that shows me a path A path of purpose, a path of love... And trust me; even your flames would burn me... You have my tears...dammed in your eyes