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Think, and link yourself to you,

Feel your heart when ever you view ,

The struggle that is going within you,

You will forget your pain , i promise to you.

Self awareness is an unique attribute which discriminates a man from a animal. We can think, what we are thinking. we are able to project ourselves in the corner of our room and can watch every movement at every moment. awareness produces juices of happiness even from the fruits of sorrows. it transforms even hell to heaven.Our ancient philosophies say that our action should be judged by our conciousness. Actually if we are aware(means we are witnessing) when ever our negative emotions (envy, anger, lust, show off etc.) try to get over , it vanishes.the power of self awareness is unlimited. i think god too is the product of awareness. Awareness is meditation. awareness is greatest medication and for cultivating it there is only one remedy BE AWARE.

Morning to mourning

Manytimes in our life, nature flags its power ,our inferiority and future's uncertainity. i have written this poem in remembrance to one of beloved teacher whose sudden death had stirred my heart with agony and distress.
What has happened to us,
A man who was in this rush,
Has slept a sound sleep,
Enjoying a eternal relief.
A wind of enlightment was blowing,
A plant of expectations was growing,
But soon, it was no more,
It become uncure sore


Oblivious to obvious way,
closing my eyes from enlightening ray,
I don't know ,where to pay

debt of my sorrows and gay.
Thoughts which makes me aware,
What is wrong and what is fair,
How to lease out,what you share,
Why to take care, just by prayer.
When I think what is our purpose,
Why there is always stimulus for every cause,
There is gap of time between every pause,
Are we not competiting to master of every lodge.
The purpose of birth is to know the death,
Some searches it by science and some by faith,
But we forget in our own trade,
Our goal, our aim everything gets fade.