Thursday, July 25, 2013


There are moments when I find myself no less than a misanthropist, especially, after a rough timing with people. The innate selfishness driven with opportunistic trait attributes the majority of people and it often creates a doubt whether all those people who we see as good and others as bad have just difference of opportunity and fear. Morality often seems to fall apart falsifying the universality and Sat, Chit, Anand view of Human character. It is intriguing to see how we construe our own code of morality, though, limited in domain to exploit profit without having guilt of contradicting the larger aspect of morality. And there is where ‘Ethics’ comes into picture. After having many encounters in the past some days with people ranging from doctors to Rickshaw-wallas in the streets of Varanasi, I can say to some extent that we, human, are socially and emotionally controlled but selfish people. No doubt, there are instincts quite natural required for our survival who inadvertently lead us to selfish behavior but there are also social needs and emotional feeling like empathy, kindness which regulate our selfish motives. When survival becomes crucial, a person loses all the characteristic of being human. As study suggests, in the time of famine there are certain hormones secreted inside human body which make human to do everything for survival, even killing other people without any remorse. When the rules in the society along with innate kindness of people override these selfish instincts, society become safe and secure. Reducing the insecurity of people for survival and increasing the dependency among people could help in such scenario. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fan And Me

As a doctor, my younger brother has more to show his importance to my family members and neighbors. But being an engineer, I don't get much chance to showcase my abilities with practical utilities to people, other than engineers or scientists. Then, there is this opportunity I somehow convinced my mother of the importance of being an electrical engineer. It happened as the speed of ceiling fan of my room was not as fast as it should normally be. When the electrician came, he just replaced condenser of fan. Surprisingly, even though the fan was speeding fast, it was not throwing air downwards. Actually, all the air was being thrown upwards as the speed of fan had got reversed. Electrician had no idea how it happened.  And that was the time, I remembered the question asked during comprehensive viva about single phase induction motor during my engineering days in IIT, BHU and it took no time to realize that, in fact, the winding of condenser had been interchanged and therefore, the torque had got reversed. I just convinced the electrician to change the condenser location  and with all the surprise of my mother and electrician, the fan started running in the usual direction. And that was the time, my mother proudly introduced me as scientist to the electrician and It made my day. :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time Derivative Of Life

Gazing outside the window from the first floor of scientist hostel, I could feel the wet and cold sensation of wind blowing against my face. The feeling itself has a magical pull which brings myself in present, time and again whenever my mind drifts away in remembering the past and dreaming about future. With each passing time, I am loosing this place and within a month, I would see the place placed just in my memories. These three and half years of my life have witnessed many aspects of life which I am very sure have helped me to get an abstract meaning in rather meaningless world. Success and failure are too vague to define these periods of life as these event of "success" and "failure" consist of many dimensions, in some, they are antithesis of what they are perceived in another.
Little do we know about the end of journey when we start it. With each steps forward we discover a new path promising us to give another view of life. We are presented with the choices we cannot avoid. Choices might bring misery but without choices our journey would be just horizontal. We invite choices rather choices invite us. And it needs persistence and hard work to be awarded by choices. Choices are like twigs of trees where each twig will help us to move upward on the tree. Even though I am sceptical, if there  really exists any scenery other than what I see now. However, I find it as worth trying for at least, it would make my life derivative a non-zero.
Very often, the memories of past defines the path we are about the follow. They impress our mind with EXperiences and sometimes they change our perceptions too. That’s why we don't live a moment, we live a life where past and future are equally present.
I don't know where my thoughts got headed from the time I realized the cold sensation of wind against my face. Perhaps, it became bit philosophical. Though, I would be glad if  it would paint the picture which I was looking at while writing this post.
Often when we are at the verge of success and failure we can see the big lie of glory and much hyped fear of failure- Amit
Time derivative of life, when tends to zero.. Boredom is imminent- Amit

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feeling Worthy??

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For many, there are two distinct ways to feel worthy. Either by doing a worthwhile work or simply, by proving his work worthwhile to others. Former is  self-driven  whereas later is driven by other's judgement. People whose ego only feeds on  external motivations can again be classified into two not-so-distinct classes. First one tries to prove his work worthwhile whereas second one condescends other's work insignificant and mediocre.  Unfortunately, the hazards these second type of people can bring into any organization are often underestimated. Their egotism combined with arrogance engenders a lethal combination which poisons and erodes the core value of organization.  It is worth pondering how such 'mutation' happens; How a fresh graduate from college ends up being such creature. Though it would be amateurish to conclude based on limited observations nevertheless, It is not difficult to find a pattern. The pattern shows a direct relationship between being such creature and being an incompetent. Incompetency leaves no choice for survival other than to devolve into such being.

Where does the solution lie? Solution lies in recognizing such creatures as soon as possible. One needs to put  efforts as it might be difficult at times to see their real face in  the veil of intellectualism.  But once pinpointed, one should keep his/her ears and eyes away from them as it is more than enough to starve their ego.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


  1. If you have not made any mistakes in your life, you would not have anything interesting to make other's laugh.
  2. Choices engender confusions. But, often out of the confusions, we come to correct decision.
  3. The image, we see of others, is always tinted with our own colors.
  4. Experience is the additional lens; life rewards us to see the subtlety of life more clearly.
  5. In hindsight, justification is often driven by rejection.
  6. Happiness and sorrows in life are like poles and zeroes of control system. If positioned correctly, they       make life more happening and responsive.
  7. Uniqueness lies in diversity. 
  8. Efficiency : Meaning :: Adam Smith : Karl Marx :: Machine : Human
  9. To me, an author is just an instrument who amplifies the thoughts and ideas filtered out by his consciousness. The 'bandwidth' of consciousness is critical in such scenario as it largely decides what thoughts and ideas it would amplify. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Anonymity is a great blessing. It gives you freedom and let you truly be what you are. Even though there are people, who enjoy such freedom in the most conspicuous way, most of the people are not so fortunate to have upbringing which can strengthen them to have ability to face society and culture while being original. For them anonymity is a bliss no matter how cowardly it seems.There can be many argument against anonymity as it somewhat passive and subjective way of living your life without pushing or rebelling against the system which imposes many layers of artificiality over our true being. But the truth is that the labyrinthine structure of social tradition weighs us down and ruins  our confidence to be ourselves. It is not surprising to see that many people don’t even realize how their behaviour is accustomed to the norms of society. From the very beginning of our life, we are disciplined to certain norms. We are told to behold the certain distinction of right and wrong. Little do we know that these criteria are neither absolute nor permanent.  Time comes when we are left to ponder over the contradiction of what we believed and what it really is.
It is said that when we can’t fight, we should hide. I don’t find any feeling of shame in accepting the veracity of this statement. Fighting against system as a person would never have as impact as fighting it with an Idea. Anonymity protects one as an individual and provides a platform where one’s idea can grow, spread and influence the society. This little anomaly in form of idea has the potential to bring out truth by foundering the orthodox norms of society.