Saturday, August 23, 2008


When his eyes are gleaming and bright,
For him, to be happy is birth right.
A tiny leaf resembles him an amazing creation,
Every natural action teaches a lesson.
He does not know what is happiness or unhappiness,
What is to be silent and what is to be in race.
For him, the noise of nature is universal music,
He never judge who is down, who is at the peak.
He never thinks what is to win, what is to loose,
For him, to strive for the top is chasing a wild goose.
He is real to life, not an actor,
He is free, nothing can bind his character.
In spite of being fifty, his heart is of five,
In spite of being looser, he is real player of life.
One who loves to do and never does because he should,
My friend! He is the man of childhood.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crying eyes

Have you ever seen the crying eyes
A speechless mouth of moaning size
A body hided by torn cloths
And legs that tremble to advance
Her watery eyes are searching someone
Her mute prayer is trying to awake everyone
Her thin hands are not able to lift the bowl
which she holds and trying it not to fall
Her eyes are moving more than her legs
Her heart speaks more than her mouth when she begs
She does not know why and how she is here
Why she is crying, while others cheer
We are moving, ignoring that she laments
At every temple, every corner, at every moment

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Why divine books are needed when we can know everything that makes us to realize happiness. It should be noticed that I m calling the books divine. Every book is not divine Often we forget ourselves in midst to our desires, competition and fame that books prove to be light torch in the ocean. They give us chance to mirror ourselves. Actually books are effect. When some thing deeper in consciousness happen the realization of a man comes into book and we want to get the realization, meet the creation by reading book which is not logically possible to create the same aura of consciousness because what we are getting is result and by seeing the result we can not set our path to destination. But this result may some how be able to inspire us to choose our own unique path to our destination. We, the people, never get satisfied by what we own today. We are driven by our outer being not by our inner being. We enjoy when some one respect us. Therefore by getting respect we have to be superior and for superiority our desire increases and increases and then there is gigantic war between desires which creates gloom every

here. Generally we have problem that we know that if we lay down this desire, this competition we will be happy. But we are not able to understand ourselves that what I am thinking is an illusion. We just want to forget us in illusion. So momentarily we have n effect of reality but again we fall into illusory world and begin to realize happiness in every thing which we don’t belong and our effort begins to bloom due to the gloom of our heart. Every time we see the people who are affluent, have more materialistic power and glamour and recognition. We try to align ourselves accordingly. But every one is unique. This is the starting of your abashment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Think, and link yourself to you,

Feel your heart when ever you view ,

The struggle that is going within you,

You will forget your pain , i promise to you.

Self awareness is an unique attribute which discriminates a man from a animal. We can think, what we are thinking. we are able to project ourselves in the corner of our room and can watch every movement at every moment. awareness produces juices of happiness even from the fruits of sorrows. it transforms even hell to heaven.Our ancient philosophies say that our action should be judged by our conciousness. Actually if we are aware(means we are witnessing) when ever our negative emotions (envy, anger, lust, show off etc.) try to get over , it vanishes.the power of self awareness is unlimited. i think god too is the product of awareness. Awareness is meditation. awareness is greatest medication and for cultivating it there is only one remedy BE AWARE.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Morning to mourning

Manytimes in our life, nature flags its power ,our inferiority and future's uncertainity. i have written this poem in remembrance to one of beloved teacher whose sudden death had stirred my heart with agony and distress.
What has happened to us,
A man who was in this rush,
Has slept a sound sleep,
Enjoying a eternal relief.
A wind of enlightment was blowing,
A plant of expectations was growing,
But soon, it was no more,
It become uncure sore

Monday, March 3, 2008


Oblivious to obvious way,

closing my eyes from enlightening ray,

I don't know ,where to pay

debt of my sorrows and gay.

Thoughts which makes me aware,

What is wrong and what is fair,

How to lease out,what you share,

Why to take care, just by prayer.

When I think what is our purpose,

Why there is always stimulus for every cause,

There is gap of time between every pause,

Are we not competiting to master of every lodge.

The purpose of birth is to know the death,

Some searches it by science and some by faith,

But we forget in our own trade,

Our goal, our aim everything gets fade.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Education Needs Revolution

A system is set up to meet the requirements of an individual or a group in society. Like most of thing a system may be classified into two types- Global and local. Education system is global one. Before throwing light upon present education system and changes that will eventually lead it to a healthy and fruitful system, I would like to express the expectation from an ideal education system.
Education is elixir of life. It converts a savage person to a cultured and well-behaved person; lifts the standard of man above animals; creates a peaceful and morally elevated society, in which every person should carry out their privileges avoiding interference in other’s right. An ideal education not only facilitates materialistic comfort but also elevate the spiritual level of our consciousness. Education meets the requirement of skillful and expert people in a particular field that creates a harmonious environment among people. It makes to turn over a new leaf of society.
If we observe in history, we witness that our present education system is influenced by education system, founded by lord machaalee. Even, our liberty can not make our education independent. Many decades have passed, yet there is slight change in education system. It is appreciating that our education system is devised in such a way that it envisage all element to cultivate a dexterous personality. Our schools teach every subject including morality, religion, culture and history as primary education that enlightens intellect of younger so that they can be aware of every aspect of life. Our education seems to be like a cone in terms of options which has a wider base and shrinks as we proceed. As we move, our education converges to become object-oriented. At every step of our proceeding we are served with choices and this time our choices can become our career, if they are chosen by interest and conscience. About at the age of seventeen we are at the verge, where we decide our own root for goal. Engineering, medical, fashion, mass-communication, business and many other careers’ waits for our welcome. We make choices and witness our interested careers. To make every step ahead, we have to cross previous step of Indian education system. Our education system envisages better opportunities unless proper choices are made and basic necessities are completed.
But now it is big issue whether we, Indian, are eligible to make proper choices and to complete basic necessities. If we are not then we have to change it according to our society. More than 40% people are facing so much domestic problems for them it is a herculean task to be educated. Who could think about education if he is starving to death? For a hungry man, even moon seems to a piece of bread. There is a difference of earth and sky in the economical condition of the people of India. Definitely education is not untouchable by money. Present education demands money. So ultimately inflation in education occurs. Population is increasing by leaps and bounds. Our living standards and daily requirements are emerging as a huge demon that must be fulfilled in order to peace and harmony. Culture is adopting new tradition and values. Therefore modification of present education system is inevitable to meet the present demands. Goal oriented education should be increased. For this one has to approach just from its childhood. Everyone should have crystal clear idea about its interest so that it can make choices earlier and can concentrate on its strength rather than its weaknesses. Everyone has unique talent. At present, we are being imposed to study what we consider monotonous. We have no idea about their interest, their choices, their unique abilities. We are flowing in the river of darkness. Whatever the objects we hold in this river becomes our goal. It not only reduced our possibility of success but also eliminates a skillful person in a particular field. Recently it was published that 7 lakh students has participated for 9000 engineering seats all over the country. This is double than what it was 2 years before. It is astonishing how the migration in education is converging in particular field. Finally it leads to distressful and disastrous atmosphere among the youths of today. Everyone is converging towards one or two specific carriers which are increasing competition, frustration and finally unemployment. Carriers are chosen money-oriented rather than interest-oriented. Declination of moral and ethical values places our country at higher rank in corruption and crime. Importance of degrees rather than knowledge has also created a gap between the perception of ideal education and current education. Examination system is also not enabling to justify the ability of students. They only discriminates a group from a large number of students. Politics has poisoned the education.
For a country, devoid of poverty and corruption, we need skillful professionals and morally elevated society. Therefore, inevitably, eligibility and knowledge should be only determining factor of one’s life, not cast and creed.
In a nutshell my recommendation for enhancing the education system is as follows.

v Politics should not mingle with education.
v The transparency of examination should be sustained.
v Our steps should not be determined by our previous steps rather than it should depend on our knowledge means to be graduate one need not pass intermediate.
v Some profession should be reserved for old people and for this there should be a transparent and healthy competition.
v A child should concentrate more on knowing their strengths rather than their weaknesses.
v Spiritual and moral knowledge should be imparted in every faculty.
v Professionals should be taught proper ethical values.
v More number of options (carriers just after 12th examination) should be increased and they should be treated to grow its importance equally to others.
v Practical knowledge should have more importance than theoretical knowledge.
v Basic education should be made free and proper loan, scholarship should be imparted for downtrodden people.
v Reservation should be based on poverty and it should be made only to enhance their knowledge, not one’s rank in examination. Knowledge should only way to qualify any exam.

Education links our self to perfection. One could not be like others. No one could be Ram or Rahim. Everyone posses unique talents. It is our duty to recognize and enhance it. Today education is also Industrialized and commercialized. This needs a swift revolution that can shape it into present circumstances avoiding our values. We should not be oblivious to the aim of education. The aim of education is to make our life pleasant without making other distressed. A perfect education is only one medicine that can preserve humanity from the viruses of competition, envy, lust and corruption.


After a long time, I am free to write, for which I was dying when my exams were going on. But it is common fact that when we get opportunity we have no desire for it. I think writing is very important in context to enhance our ability in logic and philosophy. Logic and philosophy both is essential tool of mathematics. Whenever a man has tried to think, tried to ponder over the existence of universe, for a moment he forgets everything except his self and tried to realize the harmony of object and its reason in naïve and unrestrained manner.
Today I have a small (virtually but not apparently) topic of something which existence is not a function of location, language and people. Its inevitability is accepted by all and sundry in every age. The mightiest in the mightiest, this leads revolution, turn down the throne without a drop of blood. Nothing else could be better to flow the Ganga of knowledge, purity and love than this. It lights and eliminates the darkness of fear, hatred, agony and lust. In spite of being so tiny, it can shake the world. Think! What could it be? It is nothing much bigger but your pocket slave ‘pen’.
Let’s start the story of the ‘Pen’. For myself this thing is just like an addiction for me. I was so obsessed with pen that a large amount of my pocket money is invested in buying pen. About 4 days in a week any one could notice me with a new stylish pen. A new pen in my hand simulated and hence activated my energy. In fact it was the pen which makes me so vigorous reader. Whenever I took a new pen its brightness, its smoothness, its exquisite look made me its lover. I began to write and write until it demanded for new refill. Being so passionate about pen I had seen the successive evolution of pen in a more descriptive manner. I would like to classify the advent of pen in different ages.
Age of chalk and slate-
The first weapon by which I was trained in my family before entering in the battle of education was chalk and slate. For writing chalk is complement of slate. Without slate chalk is not of use. It was very cheap and easier to use. You can write with chalk on slate and clear it as many times as you wish. We use wetted cotton cloth to clear the slate. Easy to write and easy to make it reuse eventually leaded its popularity among primary schools. But the major problem associated with is storage problem. One can not stores, whatever one has written. Finally it got limited to few students. It can’t preserve its fame by dints of its undesirable dust and storage problem among the students of modern generation.

Wooden age
As I was enrolled in 1st standard in the school, I was introduced with a wooden pen which was shaped sharp with blade and wrote with the ink. It was available on shops also. But for me it was just like an adventurous and entertaining mission to find the plant. It was supposed that wooden pen enhances writing skill. So we used to write it with both for having a good grade and for improving writing skill. But this wooden pen was only for writing Hindi. For writing English we used a special pen which was combination of a wooden stick and a nib (made of metal). When it was sinked in the ink and moved on the paper it lightened the whole paper with spectacular writing. In spite of its qualities this pen could not make its existence in the fast evolving environment.
Age of ink-pen
When there was unspoken demand of the new trend of pen, Ink pen came into the hands of student and within a month it became the permanent substitution of wooden pen. Initially we rubbed the nib of pen and shaped it with angular cut. This angle was depended upon the thickness of letters. Usually I made it an angle of 45 degrees. When we wrote with it, its writing just seems as written with wooden pen. This pen could be used to write both English and Hindi and this seemed to the reason of its popularity. This pen became popular with a new distinguish name “fountain pen” and still can be seen in some shops. Albeit it popularity remained steady for a longer time than wooden pen nevertheless it decayed its fame due to its slow writing speed and undesirable flow of ink.
Age of Ball-pen-
The emergence of ball-pen revolutionized the market of pen industry. It was cheaper, smoother and was available in a stylish look. You could complete one page note in half time as you could with fountain pen. What else, more one need. But I remember the restriction that was put against the use of ball pen while making notes. It was told that for a beautiful writing ball pens were poisonous. But after a tedious struggle, ball pen conquered and accepted throughout the country. With successive advent of pen I had also registered in 5th standard. The first ball pen that had come into my hands was Reynolds’s pen. It cost of 6.00rs. We had bought it especially for examination. Apparently it had nourished my confidence. In this way my confidence had attached with the pen and it lived until I got selected in JEE exam. Many companies had launched their pen at that time. Some of them are Rotomac, Montex, Luxor, and Disney. But no one could touch the level of Reynolds. The classic look, smooth writing and long life epitome of Reynolds had born in the heart of everyone. After that Reynolds introduced many varieties ranging from 6.00rs to 35.00rs and its every experiment came out in flying colors. Jetter, a product of Reynolds also gained much name and fame. Initially jetter was seen in only one color but soon its diverse colors enthralled the customers. So it will not be hyperbole to say it as a Reynolds age. In between the open battle and competition of the companies of ball pen, some companies revealed a new variety to attract customers. It was pen with aroma. This pen had pleasant smell when it writes. This had also liked but unfortunately not for a long time. It proved for nothing. Time followed time but the craze of Reynolds almost was at the peak for a decade. Along with Reynolds a new variety of pen with paying heed to the preferences of special type of customer who wanted new pen in place of new refill, LIKHO AND FAKON (write and throw) was introduced by Linc Company. However different companies are manufacturing this pen, yet this can be seen even today in the pockets of students.
Sketch pens -
In a breathtaking atmosphere of ball pen there was a pen which was not a ball pen yet it made its existence. This was modified form of sketch pen, made by Luxor. This company use to make sketch pens for drawing and after some modification introduced a sketch pen which starting prize was 10.00rs. I had been the customer of this pen during my studies. When I was in high school, fortunately I was witnessed with more modified form of sketch pen for 25.00rs. This was the pen I liked most and even today I use it. I can not classify it as a different age since it was not so popular and limited to only few people like teachers, principal and other professionals.
Age of gel pen When customer had fed up with monotonous writing of Ball-pen and made their demand for brighter, luxurious writing, Gel-pens took birth. Actually gel pen can be understood as harmony of the qualities of both ball-pen and ink-pen

Management and technology

At present ,when the great giant of globalisation is spreading their arm in every nook and corner of this world ,it is inevitable for all and sundry to manage one's resources in optimum way and will have at most possible heuristic solution of every problem. In this competitive world merely good technology is not sufficient but making it available for everyone is utmost necessary. it can only possible by managing
its cost,increasing its awareness and selection of the most worth zone for this technology. So If a technocrat is well in management also then his each step of technology will be embraced with feasibility and acceptibility in view to the political, social and economical environment of that place. Moreover if u dream to be Bill Gates then you must have to be an entrepreneur, not an employee and entrepreneurship
involves the best managerial skills. Therfore i strongly recommend a person whose mind is homogenous mixture of management and technology to survive in this competitive and fast-moving

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happiness lies in ourselves

Whenever I consider myself in a more subtle way about the requirement which should be titled first priority I acknowledge enjoyment in every circumstances is the essense of one's life. During my childhood , hapiness was not embraced with success, any award. It was natural ,ultimate reality of one's inner-being. As I grew ,I looked for the sources of enjoyment and became so oblivious to the fruit for which I was chasing that to find source has become my nature. I had strained every nerve to qualify IIT-JEE with a daydream of comfortable and pleasent life. now when i am in ITBHU I use to have a daydream about myself as an engineer in a multinational company. After a long experience due to the conflicts of my expectations and fate i come across the conclusion that happiness is an an option of one's mind. Fate is just like a circular object that can not be fitted into the square of expectations. one can not discriminate the source and fruit. Fruit lies in the source it self. If you carry out your responsibilities , your duties ,a sense of satisfaction bears which is the prominent constitute of happiness. It is not the work, but the way of work which decides the barrier of happiness. It is my personal view that if the basic necessities of a man is completed a man can be happy by altering his attitude in the shadow of any disaster.
Let happiness flows in ourself ,for it is the blood of our conciousnes..................

Need of ethical values in professional engineers

Every human being always seeks to minimize the level of disaster and distress in their own life which need some decision to be made and to be followed. The set of guidelines based on the values that are used to help in making decision for an individual or an organization is termed as Ethics in its respect. It seems, in that regard, difficult in defining 'Ethics' is similar to 'Quality'. Ethics is like a pretty girl. It is really hard to describe what would comprise a pretty girl but once you will see it, you will find it. If we see in terms of electricity. Electricity is completely governed by natural laws, yet we think it is rational to put up lightening conductors. An ethics is just like a lightening conductor for human passion that enables him to work in a way that produces a minimum of disaster. Ethics essence of an ethics lies in the fact to favor for development. Every thing, we see in this world is relative. Even the time is relative. So why not 'Ethics'? This relativity of ethics causes confrontation and leads to disaster. So there should be a universal law (which is may vary from one organization to other organization, from one individual to other. But the practically impossible) which unifies the interest of every people in a great measure.
Different philosophies are given in regard to like egoism, natural law, utilitarianism and ethics of respect (golden rule).
EGOISM?advocates for the solution which promotes least harm his/her self-interest.
NATURAL LAW- advocates for four basic values: life, procreation, knowledge, and sociability.
UTILITARIANISM- advocates a person to put overall human welfare as a priority above course of action.
ETHICS OF RESPECT- this theory follows the general principal of doing unto others as you have done unto yourself.
Every philosophy has pros and cons. My personal thought is in the favor of ethics of respect. It is the golden rule of progressing, enhancing their capabilities without interfering others. Ethics for professional engineers is in particular, the study of moral issues and decision confronting individuals and organization involved in engineering and also the study of moral conduct. The application of engineering ethics provides a consensus on the morality of engineering decision and defines guidelines for moral conduct by engineering. At present, when everywhere there is atmosphere of competition it is indispensable to have some negotiation with one's consciousness at a minimum cost which can help them in their advancement as well as for the welfare of common people. When an engineer get a place in a company he becomes the part and parcel of the unit and its rate will decide the degree of the progress of company and organization. Any company is just like a train in which every compartment is attached with other. In a same way there should be compromise between the employees and have a better understanding with their boss and fellow workers. A specific behavior builds one's impression and this impression is the indistinguishable element at a particular position. It is the main constituent of discipline, the vital requirement for growth. How to behave with boss, how to behave with fellow-workers have a different manner which will be effectively pronounced in the case of one's own ethnicity.
Successful organization is characterized by a robust culture that pervades the organization and sometimes gets branded as the IBM way or the GE culture. Now days every company (like infosys and tisco) has different culture and tradition. Even in employee's personal facts (martial states, dressing) is being decided by companies. Some companies allowed the eminent engineers to know about the records, upcoming projects and their future plans and negotiation where as in some companies it is limited only the manager. It is evidently clear that ethical values vary from one organization to other organization. Therefore it is a Herculean task to preserve own ethical values along with ethical values of companies. So as to maintain the aura of professionalism throughout the engineering discipline. Codes of ethics also may encourage engineers to behave in a manner that benefits both the profession and society. Above all else, engineering professionals are in service to society, and so it is implicit in both the ethical codes and engineering ethics, that the public good should be placed above the personal interest of engineers. Samuel Florman's _The Civilized Engineer_ dedicates three chapters to the subject of engineering ethics. His most fundamental ideas on the subject appear to be as follows:

? There won't be a unified code of engineering ethics, because the engineers won't agree on it.
? The engineers themselves will not be given the chance to regulate their own behavior, because laws do a better job.
? Diligence and competence are more crucial to the engineer than what we think of as morality.
Why will there be no unified code of ethics? Because we can't agree on even first principles:
WHAT is the public interest?
HOW is it to be served?
WHO is to regulate our code?
An engineer must decide on public safety vs. client confidentiality is ideal for examining the complexity of what constitute engineering ethics. The case is as follows:"
Tenants in an apartment building appeal to the owners of the building in order to force them to repair a number of problems which seems annoying but not dangerous, the owners' attorney hires a structural engineer, to inspect the building and testify on behalf of the owner. The engineer discovers serious structural problems in the building, which are an immediate threat to the tenants' safety. These problems, however, are not mentioned in the tenants' suit. In response, the engineer reports this information to the attorney, who tells him to keep this information confidential because it could affect the lawsuit"
The question then arises, should the Engineer conceal his knowledge of the safety-related defects because he was legally bound to maintain confidentiality, or should the safety of the public be placed above all else. If this scenario is analyzed in accordance with natural law theory, which is based on the utility of actions, then the ethical thing for the engineer to do is to report on the hazard. However, if an egoist approach is taken then the engineer should do what he believes is in his best interest.
According to the Engineering Code of Ethics, an engineer's foremost responsibility lies in protecting the safety and welfare of the public. In cases where the unethical conduct of the colleague threatens the well being of the public, an engineer is morally justified in reporting unethical conduct. Despite personal sentiments regarding betrayal and breach of confidentially, the engineering profession demands that the public good be placed above all else.
Now question may arise what should an engineer do when cost is put above safety.
First and foremost, it must be decided what level of safety would be compromised and if the cost warrants that compromise. If decisions regarding the safety cannot be adequately deduce from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements. , and if the engineer believes that the added cost of the project is not added with an increase in public safety, then the cost should be a consideration, since an engineer must also do what is in the best interest of his client. Consequently, if the level of safety is determined, then an engineer is morally bound to put public safety above cost. Engineering professionals are not obligated, as in the medical profession, to find suitable replacements for their clients before they sign of on a project due to ethical disagreements. For example;
If an engineer has taken a project to construct a dam over a river, then he should have to consider both public interest and cost. If making a dam is coupled with more distressful condition for agriculture than the advantages related with dam then constructing dam is in oppose to ethical values of engineer.
Our life seeks always to be happy. At present when everyone is so indulged with competition and success, he has become dumb to his consciousness. For maintaining success and ones' principal ethics are required .either it is company or a person a discipline, a constraint is required to gain optimum value of performance. our principal should be flexible and should go along the ethical values of company. But I personally feel that the priority of public interest should be above all when an engineer should have to decide a controversy circumstances. As Albert Einstein has said
"As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkness around it.

So there is always badness associated with goodness. Some times ethics of one company or individual may hurt other feelings or may interfere in other's matter. So individual philosophy will decide what he has to do or not to do. In a nutshell development of a nation is in the hands of engineers. An engineer embraced with ethical values is epitome of successful company, successful nation.
"The conscientious, effective engineer is a virtuous engineer."

Roadies? Are you crazy?

Great Osho has described the thirty different meanings and usage of one of the most popular words in the english dictionary "fu**.Certainly Osho will be pleased on the luck of "fu**" since the two dudes Raghu and Nikhil are using all the 30 meanings in their language.Long live Raghu and Nikhil for their potential for pretentious temper and irritable gesture. Recently I have seen two or three episode of Roadies and for a moment this has changed my perception and attitude of my life. Be emotionless, be vulgar , be animal , be rude to ur family and then you are rodies. if the definition of openness in the wikipedia of Raghu is being animal(free to behave , act , speak) then he is going to devast the whole social system. Every man has some boundries, some constraints and values that has to be followed to live the life with letting other's live. These are not show off, these are essential to attain. These are requirements. yestereday I was watching roadies and was amazed to see a girl who does n't tolerate the interference of parents and brother;who wants to be alone for practicing liquor, cigarattes and all the insane things, was selected. Certainly this will try to mould the tender minds of youngers in negative way.Rodies are becomming ideal and one can imagine what will happen when all will follow them. Raghu is attacking on the calmness , coolness and values of Indians. If wearing pink shoes and nail-polishing is being bunny then what about baldheaded and "w" cut dadhi of Raghu. Roadies is not presenting a reality show but misleading the young generation for selling their real(R) obscene(O) annoying(A) devasting(D) intentionaly(I) egregious(E) show(S).