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Uniqueness And Illness

There is one more month after which I am going to enter in professional world. I don’t know how it would be but some of my friends who have joined their respective companies are saying only one thing that “the best days (College days) are over”. Well, it is little bit scary for me when I imagine a routine life, going to office at 8:00 a.m. and returning at 6:00 p.m. without any bunk. And certainly these days would never match with wonderful experiences of college days. The good thing in professional word is salary, a feeling of economical independency...But well, it also somehow comes into a form of responsibility and accountability. My friends say that in college days they have time but short of money and now they have money but short of time. And for all things which we say in general joy, pleasure and happiness... one needs time and money in definite proportions. Along with money and time, one of the most things we require is congenial friends. Without them, our joy and happiness w…

A Story of An Old Man

No one knew from where he came and how he was surviving. His big-whitish beard, scattered hair, worn out clothes and his erratic behaviour soon confirmed that he was mentally ill. Outside of colony, people often saw him brushing the ground with the small and thin twig of same tree which had become his permanent shelter. He had an old bag too. No one ever had an idea what was inside it. Someone had given him a bottle and aluminium Tiffin that he put just in front of him and frequently the red monkeys and dogs robbed his food, leaving him hungry and thirsty. Often he talks to himself and it went for longer...Sometimes it turned into cry and sometimes he laughed vehemently. It was hard to predict to see his face what he was going to do...was he about to laugh or about to cry? People passed all day. He never looked at them nor did the people look at him. In the night, the women, who were happy for some personal reason or who wanted to show her sympathetic behaviour to her neighbour or who…

A Miracle; A Short Story

Some distant sounds; blurring images; fishy smell; sultry and humid air, this was all she could feel. She didn’t know where she was and why she was. After a dizzying and aching period she could feel the touch of water which was irritating to the core, her body looking like a log, put into salty water for a long-time layering against sands and cobblestones.
“Are you Ok... How are you feeling?  “, In between she heard an organic male voice that was so soothing but full of apprehension...she turned her eyes, sensing the direction of sound....
Her eyes remained opened for a moment. He was handsome, must be of her age or might be 2 years younger or older...she felt she had died and he was an angel, going to welcome in heaven...”Oh! Great...Heaven do exist”, she murmured.
“Who are you?” she saw concern and anger on his face as he asked...she realized that she was not in heaven...she was here...alive; fully functioning; could hear; could smell; could see. She looked around. She saw herself on …

Stirring Of Soul

Even Gold becomes pure when it is fired and hammered. Our apocryphal stories are woven with the concept of “Manthan”. It is to be understood as they are indicative of a greater truth that one has to endure pain and suffering to realize his true and pure nature. There is “Manthan” in real life too. And that is “Stirring of Soul”, an emotional churning. It reveals the truth that was hidden in the darkness of ignorance and provides the strength that you would have never felt. “Stirring of soul” defines and decides yours mettle.
In our life time, almost everyone has to go through pain and sufferings(I am talking particularly emotional one) . Some of them can not able to cope with it and despite facing they bend themselves on their knees, hiding their faces with their palms. And some accept it, face it without calculating if they would defeat or would be defeated. In a long run, former types prove to be so vulnerable that a slight storm of distress destroys their whole being. And later type…

Begging Future

Scientists believe that after a certain period especially childhood, our mind does not develop; it just gathers knowledge, makes it experiences and learns new things.Freud, the father of psychology claims that till that age, the way our mind gets shaped; it lasts for our whole life and defines our behaviour and character. So, the important point which I want to draw is that childhood is the most crucial period which decides and defines our future.
To grow a child, is an art, the most beautiful living art of existence. But unfortunately, everyone doesn’t want to reveal his art as they have never felt the joy of this art Or maybe they would have work more prior to this. So their creation is not perfect. A child needs care, love, humbleness, spontaneity; which most of people would be mistaken by fulfilment of economic needs. Well, a good school can substitute the role of parents to an extent but not completely.
In case of India where good schools and perfect parents are a distant fantasy f…

My 100th Post

And Finally I have made a century. This is my 100th post.Thanks a ton to all my fellow bloggers for their kind support and overwhelming encouragement. 


I don’t know, why?
I don’t know, how?
But I feel life as a wheel
Moving round and round
Science is in search
To find its "moment of Inertia"
Philosophy is in the investigation
To know the cause of its rotation
We inherit attributes, qualities
They are the lubricants
That make our life so smooth, so efficient
Somehow I feel,
Love is the centripetal force,
That makes you to be on the wheel.
Gratitude is mass
Desire is radius
Speed, you need to find
To be stable on the wheel
So my friend! Tight your belts
To find your unique position
On your unique ever-moving wheel

*If life is a wheel, then Love is the centripetal force that makes you to be on the wheel.

Thanks a lot to Rachana for giving this wonderful title to my poem. :)

Love Conqures All; A Short Story

Heaviness of clouds, stillness of air and frequent roaring of clouds were assuring a heavy rain. On the muddy slippery greenish road, they were running with a fishing rod in their hands. Soon, they were on the bank of river. After searching a perfect place, they put their fishing rods in between the elegies and JalKumbhi, they were incessantly watching the small wooden stick above the water that was sporadically vibrating in the presence of their hunt (fish). Whole day passed. The two, Prakash and Gita, had caught enough fishes and now they were about to depart. Prakash was Sixteen years old and Gita was two years younger to him. They studied in same school, and despite having difference in their age, they were in same school which was often a subject of pride for Gita that irritated Prakash too much. But, No doubt, they were close friends. Their friendship was as old as they were. At one moment they fought and the next moment they were friends. “Sorry” and “Thank you” were not in the …

Romanticism; My Thoughts

Some days ago, I had a conversation with my friend when I was asked,” What do you feel; are you Romantic?” To be honest, I did not exactly know if I was romantic or not but for the sake of continuation, I said, “I hope so.”After the conversation was over, I introspected to find out the exact answer. So this post is the rambling of my mind over the subject ‘Romanticism’.

If the meaning of “Are you romantic”... is... “Are you emotional”... or... “Can you fall in love”, and then Word “Romantic “seems too redundant, doesn’t it? If not, then it would be something that can be put into definite region of Intuition, sensitivity, love and poetry.Romanticism has been a prime motivation for poets, authors and painters to squeeze out wonderful artistic expression. Historically, the word ‘Romanticism’ originated in the late 18th century which emphasises more on intuition, imagination and individual’s expression of emotion, a departure from the attitude of rationality and logic. So, Romanticism is …

The Indian Dream

Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to participate in BLOG-A-TON. However I have written this post as my regular post. Hope! you would like it... :)

Indian Dream! Let me tell you I am not talking about the dream that we see with closed eyes, sleeping in bed under the warm blanket in the icy-cold nights, I am talking about the dream we see with open eyes, wiping the sweating over the head, running on the long road of success, hoping the best and guiding ourselves with honesty and ethics.
Even to dream, one must be able. So first I dream to make India so capable that people could dream. Would any one expect from a child without giving him proper knowledge of engineering or medical to dream for being an engineer or doctor. Obviously not... when every Indian would realize, would find what his dream is... I earnestly feel Indian dream would not be far away to realize. Now, what are the obstacles that need to be removed?

First is religion. India is so diverse in religious beliefs. It is go…