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Horrible Bosses- Review

“Horrible bosses” is a rib-tickling story of three friends, Nick, Dale and Kurt, who are deeply upset with their bosses for different reasons. Even though Nick puts his full effort in office, his boss, Dave Harken, scolds him for being two minutes late and tricks him to drink scotch at 8:00 in the morning. Adding more fuel to fire, he declared himself as the vice president of sales in addition to his current designation and thus, he blows out Nick’s dream of being the vice president forever.  Dale is working as an assistant to Dr. Julia. Dr. Julia sexually offends Dale. She also threatens to expose his nude pictures with her, roguishly shot while he was unconscious, to his girlfriend. Kurt likes his work until his boss dies of heart-attack and his psychopathic son becomes his boss. His new boss threatens him to fire unless he fires one of the “fat lady” and “Mr. Xavier”. While drinking at the bar, they find a hypothetical solution of their problems and that was to murder their bosses…

Those Umpteen Years

Deep inside my skins The bluish veins were carrying My life...cold and entrenched Equivocally dead Laughter subdued into restrained Hollow smile An innocent heart was seeking to be guile Belief, hope, trust and love Seemed just a fantasy...perhaps a pun This tiresome, tedious and treacherous run  Was it worthwhile for just a minuscule fun? Then one day, it knocked my door It entered; I was lying on the floor I was pulled apart into two Detracted into Me and him I saw those numb dead eyes I felt the void, the emptiness those umpteen years When it was carrying me I never loved him... And in turn, not loved by him.

Force- Adrenaline-Fueled Action Movie

Force is completely an action movie with few dews of romance.  Yashvardhan (John Abraham), an ACP in Narcotics Department is undercover cop who investigates the nexus of drug business, disseminated all across the country. With the help of an informer, he and his team (Mohnish behl and others) successfully eliminate all the drug-mafias. Subsequent investigation report by IB about informer and afterwards his death puts a question mark on his selfless intentions to revel drug mafia which later confirms it as a strategy driven by Vishnu(Vidyut Jamwal) to rule all over India in drug business. Later, Yashvardhan kills Vishnu’s brother (Mukesh Rishi) during drug dealing.  And then Vishnu’s vindictiveness sets a new limit of brutality against Yashvardhan and his team.

In a nutshell, FORCE has captivating plot with striking and intensive performance of John as an ACP and the new comer, Vidyut Jamwal, as villain. Not for a single moment it let me take my eyes off from the screen. SIZE MATTERS an…

Swelling Technology & Waning Spirituality

In this era of technological revolution, our efforts are merging towards an absolute control of everything. Just push a button and apparently, everything from lighting, AC, TV or even opening and closing of doors are at our finger tips. Sometimes, I wonder what would be the end of this revolution. Would it be like as we see in Hollywood movies in which they repeatedly show the control of humanity by human-made ROBOTs or would it just start mitigating as everything in nature does after reaching its peak. I cannot say if the evolution followed by revolution is cyclic or linear but a little observation in the changing scenario can provide a substantial clue for coming future.
From the inception of Mankind, religion and science are the two basic structures which have been supporting humanity. If Science feeds you, religion gives you the taste of food. Both are distinct but inevitable for Mankind. The lack of anyone would create havoc in the system.If we go slightly deeper into the realm of…

Come On INDIA!!

Things are changing fast. Perception and its reaction have quite changed in these years. Thanks to media, and people like Anna Hazzare and Baba Ramdev...The stream of awareness in people’s perception is finally claiming to bring a Tsunami against the old-wretched political and beureachratic system of India. A revolution is not an accident. It is certificate for people’s lost faith and dying hope to existing governing system. And the recent appalling acts of corruption one after another by governing party were more than enough to trigger the people’s fury. And when Anna Hazzare became the torch bearer, millions supported him in the hope that a “Change” would finally come. The “Change”.... The dawn of which will bring the end of blood-sucking-Vampires from Indian Political and beureachratic system. So my question is ...Would really the acceptance of LOKPAL BILL bring this change or would it just create another camouflaged and just superficially-changed old system, painted in eyes-soothin…


The fluttering-flames of the candle-light Was making me breath in and out As her sparkling face was swinging to shadowy-unknown An explicable beauty was flowing Like mesmerizing-rays of dawning sun When I looked into her deep-dark-dazzling eyes Could see the burning flame fluttering with her disheartening-sigh And, the tears, dammed to blaze the flame for long I know the flame might smoulder my flammable-feelings Despite... it is the light of flame that shows me a path A path of purpose, a path of love... And trust me; even your flames would burn me... You have my tears...dammed in your eyes

Beauty and Real Beauty

Have you ever felt what sets wings to your emotions as you suddenly exclaim,” What a beautiful thing this is!” For us anything can be beautiful, irrespective of person, place or emotion. Even a tragic movie ends, leaving tears into our eyes and our heart wells out saying it.... beautiful!! So, really, to define beauty is as difficult as to define ‘point’ in mathematics. However, I would say everything, beautiful which is the object of happiness. But remember, not the source of happiness. The difference of object and source must be understood to appreciate this definition. Let me explain it through example: When we meet our loved one after a long-time, our eyes become full of tears. We cry...But we feel happiness...I would call it beauty....
But how am I able to witness this beauty? It is because I have already bore the pain of being away from her.
The source of happiness is the pain. But Pain itself is not the happiness. May be for one person, the clamouring of birds is just noise and fo…


In the serene-still surface of water When a rain-drop strikes A ripple flows towards the shore Leaving behind the circular traces When sun-light glistens the recurring flow The sparkling aura seems like infinite lives Dancing and enjoying in their colourful dresses With humming melodious tune Celebrating and welcoming a new one Now, an indistinguishable part of Whole
It is now scorching rays of sun Burning and boiling As if disaster is pushed into million drops of life Even the tears of all is not suffice to melt the heart of sun They run; they protect and like a martyr Sacrifice their life for one another
And now it is night The cold breezy air is flowing And letting the tiresome drops relax And forget all the sorrows, pains and losses Perhaps getting them ready for new dawn New life and new fight...

A Melody

My eyes were closed
And my mind empty
Yet I could see
A life, coming in and going out
Through my nostrils, wind-pipe to my stomach
And I could feel my heart humming a melody...
A melody!!...vibrating and resonating my soul
Invigorating me to dance, sing and roll...
And my fingers moving on the key-board
Letting me out the indescribable feeling
Through the words, but in vain
The words were just old...stale...
With every word typed in...It is just past, a memory
Not the feeling...
I wonder if I could hold the feeling
Tightly and cosily
And every time, I did...
I felt the synchronicity loosen down
And my soul fastened

A Living-invisible to Dead-Visible

Every day when I went to my office I saw her on the road side Watching vigorously Without blinking her abysmal eyes Her frail skull, her bony body Her bare feet, her scattered hairs Her reedy fingers, her cold look Shivered my whole being Felt like a lightening stroke to my heart And then when I saw people walking by Without noticing her existence Absorbed in their own symphony I wonder if she is too thin to be invisible Invisible to all of us... And then when I reached my home She just became a tragic moment of today’s episode... And her memories got fade away with each passing moment Life went on... She was never different... Yeah! Worst can’t be worse... And with each passing day...  I got immune to her... She was just a picture hung in my memories shivering...and lightening stroke Got softened through the passage of time... And suddenly one day... I did not see her... And again, next day... Then, again and again Now it had been two weeks I saw her... And today when I opened my newspaper I saw …


Life seems to be shrunk between past and future and when such thing happens, obviously the view of present remains blurred and congested. With tumbling-walk on the road of life and in the hue and cry of expectations and concerns, life seems like a burdened rock tied to neck. It has been long when I heard the voice of myself but now, is it not too late? ...too late to rejuvenate these dead tissues.
With the last line of above paragraph, I felt my thoughts jumbled, my finger seized and emotions dried. I don’t know why and how, but it is none of my business. I just want to feel myself which never releases out due to inexplicable weight of life and I want to see something which I cannot see when I see myself in mirror daily morning.
For me, writing is like seeing and it is also one that vaporizes the grime from my soul. I believe till I can put my fingers on the keyboard or can hold a pen, I would be never blind nor would my soul be too heavy to carry my life.

My Random thoughts

It has been quite long since I have written anything for my blog. Sadly, I have written just one poem in these two months. Sometimes I wonder if it was me who has written so many articles on my blog. Today when I remember how passionate I was for writing during those jobless days I envied of me of those days. The happiness of writing was something I realized late in my life. I owe to writing since it revealed something that was unknown, hidden and suppressed with too many layers of weighing life. It was obviously not something great... if “Great” only means an objective parameter for measuring achievement and accomplishment. But it was self-satisfying, like happiness blossomed through his creative effort.  This feeling is so personal that it creates a charm for self and invigorates our self with beauty, appreciation and sense of accomplishment. Writing teaches a lot. It is the best mirror to see our self. It lets us to ponder over things which seem trivial for others, and most importa…


It was a fine morning The songs of birds, the warmth of sun A divine breeze was blowing Carrying the fragrance of heaven I felt so blessed And tried to open my sleepy eyes But they were heavy Too heavy to lift them up I felt helpless...I cried...I wept And when those tears rolled out... They moistened and soften my eyes With my fingers I pulled my eye lids up And it was dark...absolute darkness The warmth, the fragrance, the music There was nothing...except that abysmal darkness I cried,” have I become blind? “ And he laughed...No dear, you always were... But from now you are no longer... And he switched on the room’s light  I was no more a blind.