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Education Needs Revolution

A system is set up to meet the requirements of an individual or a group in society. Like most of thing a system may be classified into two types- Global and local. Education system is global one. Before throwing light upon present education system and changes that will eventually lead it to a healthy and fruitful system, I would like to express the expectation from an ideal education system.
Education is elixir of life. It converts a savage person to a cultured and well-behaved person; lifts the standard of man above animals; creates a peaceful and morally elevated society, in which every person should carry out their privileges avoiding interference in other’s right. An ideal education not only facilitates materialistic comfort but also elevate the spiritual level of our consciousness. Education meets the requirement of skillful and expert people in a particular field that creates a harmonious environment among people. It makes to turn over a new leaf of society.
If we observe in histo…


After a long time, I am free to write, for which I was dying when my exams were going on. But it is common fact that when we get opportunity we have no desire for it. I think writing is very important in context to enhance our ability in logic and philosophy. Logic and philosophy both is essential tool of mathematics. Whenever a man has tried to think, tried to ponder over the existence of universe, for a moment he forgets everything except his self and tried to realize the harmony of object and its reason in naïve and unrestrained manner.
Today I have a small (virtually but not apparently) topic of something which existence is not a function of location, language and people. Its inevitability is accepted by all and sundry in every age. The mightiest in the mightiest, this leads revolution, turn down the throne without a drop of blood. Nothing else could be better to flow the Ganga of knowledge, purity and love than this. It lights and eliminates the darkness of fear, hatred, agony and…

Management and technology

At present ,when the great giant of globalisation is spreading their arm in every nook and corner of this world ,it is inevitable for all and sundry to manage one's resources in optimum way and will have at most possible heuristic solution of every problem. In this competitive world merely good technology is not sufficient but making it available for everyone is utmost necessary. it can only possible by managing
its cost,increasing its awareness and selection of the most worth zone for this technology. So If a technocrat is well in management also then his each step of technology will be embraced with feasibility and acceptibility in view to the political, social and economical environment of that place. Moreover if u dream to be Bill Gates then you must have to be an entrepreneur, not an employee and entrepreneurship
involves the best managerial skills. Therfore i strongly recommend a person whose mind is homogenous mixture of management and technology to survive in this competitiv…

Happiness lies in ourselves

Whenever I consider myself in a more subtle way about the requirement which should be titled first priority I acknowledge enjoyment in every circumstances is the essense of one's life. During my childhood , hapiness was not embraced with success, any award. It was natural ,ultimate reality of one's inner-being. As I grew ,I looked for the sources of enjoyment and became so oblivious to the fruit for which I was chasing that to find source has become my nature. I had strained every nerve to qualify IIT-JEE with a daydream of comfortable and pleasent life. now when i am in ITBHU I use to have a daydream about myself as an engineer in a multinational company. After a long experience due to the conflicts of my expectations and fate i come across the conclusion that happiness is an an option of one's mind. Fate is just like a circular object that can not be fitted into the square of expectations. one can not discriminate the source and fruit. Fruit lies in the source it self. I…

Need of ethical values in professional engineers

Every human being always seeks to minimize the level of disaster and distress in their own life which need some decision to be made and to be followed. The set of guidelines based on the values that are used to help in making decision for an individual or an organization is termed as Ethics in its respect. It seems, in that regard, difficult in defining 'Ethics' is similar to 'Quality'. Ethics is like a pretty girl. It is really hard to describe what would comprise a pretty girl but once you will see it, you will find it. If we see in terms of electricity. Electricity is completely governed by natural laws, yet we think it is rational to put up lightening conductors. An ethics is just like a lightening conductor for human passion that enables him to work in a way that produces a minimum of disaster. Ethics essence of an ethics lies in the fact to favor for development. Every thing, we see in this world is relative. Even the time is relative. So why not 'Ethics'…

Roadies? Are you crazy?

Great Osho has described the thirty different meanings and usage of one of the most popular words in the english dictionary "fu**.Certainly Osho will be pleased on the luck of "fu**" since the two dudes Raghu and Nikhil are using all the 30 meanings in their language.Long live Raghu and Nikhil for their potential for pretentious temper and irritable gesture. Recently I have seen two or three episode of Roadies and for a moment this has changed my perception and attitude of my life. Be emotionless, be vulgar , be animal , be rude to ur family and then you are rodies. if the definition of openness in the wikipedia of Raghu is being animal(free to behave , act , speak) then he is going to devast the whole social system. Every man has some boundries, some constraints and values that has to be followed to live the life with letting other's live. These are not show off, these are essential to attain. These are requirements. yestereday I was watching roadies and was amazed…