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Last class

Today was my last class and perhaps this is my last post during my curriculum. I am writing this post and contemplating all the reminiscence of my life in IT-BHU. How the 4 years is changed to images and events of past and leaving me a new thought, a new dimension and a new paradigm to my life. My beliefs, my identity and subject of curiosity have been refined if not changed. It was fascinating to observe so many diverse, unique and gifted personalities around me which itself claim the abundance intelligence of existence. If something really intrigued me is my perception about the right or wrong. Before 4 years the parameters to define right or wrong was different. But today the reference is changed and a sense of acceptance is dawning upon me. Personality is not result of any transition, it is creation, stirring of one’s inner being. My conflicts, my fight has developed a more resistance, in gross terms either it is tolerating pressure or humility from any one. I rememb…


मैं नीर भरी दुःख की बदली !

स्पंदन में चिर निस्पंद बसा,

क्रंदन में आहत विश्व हँसा,

नयनो में दीपक से जलते,

पलकों में निर्झनी मचली !

मैं नीर भरी दुःख की बदली !

विस्तृत नभ का कोई कोना

मेरा न कभी अपना होना

परिचय इतना इतिहास यही

उमटी कल थी मिट आज चली !

मैं नीर भरी दुःख की बदली !
by Mahadevi verma

In my words:

let heart be carved by tears,

be stirred up by your fears.

let it drink the elixir of silence,

let it see into other's , your resemblance.

life breaths through restless tides,

your tears and love move side by side.

your emptiness lifts you into space,

life-givingnes makes you DEATHLESS..

Pain and Sacrifice

Mahatma Gandhi used to say that whenever we are going to do something, visualize how t is going to affect the poorest man you have ever seen in your life. Our (above certain level in basic necessities) so called Happiness and sorrows are relative to person surrounding you (it is you who choose who are surrounding you). A theory of relativity generalizes the concept of our happiness and sorrows. Therefore this is an attempt to extinguish your pain and for all (I do not know who they are) who feel irritated, frustrated, feeling dejected and rejected over very trivial (in my views) issues.

It was a rainy day, Inside there was a storm, outside, a funny day. Tears were being washed by the drops of rain, The strike of rain was making oblivious to pain.
(As I moved) I saw an old farmer, struggling with coughing noise, His hands were trembling but eyes are still in rejoice. His sweats are dancing with the rain drops, Like a father, he was protecting his crops.
I saw a woman, hiding a child in her bosom…

Essence of Love

A drop of rain, when moist the dry fields, a fragrance pervades, creates an atmosphere of livingness.This fragrance is the joy and ecstasy, which does not remain bounded to rain and fields but becomes universal for everyone who wants to feel it. Trees grow green, as spring comes. Becoming green is not preparation of trees for spring but it is the spontaneous happening, a consequence. A lotus opens their petals as the sun rises. For lotus it is a way of expressing gratitude for its existence to the sun, which gleams it with divine beauty. A dry field loves the rain. Trees love spring. Lotus loves the sun. For me, love is unrestrained (universal) like love of rain and dry fields; spontaneous like love of trees and spring; a sense of gratitude like love of lotus and sun.
“Love is freedom” is the most common line, depicting love. No one talks about the lovers. Are they free? Is it the love that makes us free or free can love only? What is the level of freedom because freedom has a vast sig…

Honesty in relationships

Honesty is the best policy, sounds rhythmic but absurd.
Honesty is not a policy…
Reference to OXFORD dictionary
Policy---(a set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that has been agreed officially by a group of people, a business organization, a government or a political party)
The fundamental base of any relationship is honesty. Either this relationship is with our parents, our brothers or with our lover. But what does honesty means? I never regard honesty as a mutual sense of two or many (policy). I feel it as a state. Honesty is a state not a policy. When it is a state, it becomes independent of different relationships. It becomes all ours.We will be as honest to our parents as to our lover. But how does this state rises? This rises by taking our responsibility ourselves. It should not be imposed. Like one becomes honest because one wants others to be honest. It is same as crying the Sutras of nonviolence because of fear of dying. It may be an intelligent technique…