Sunday, October 9, 2011

Horrible Bosses- Review

“Horrible bosses” is a rib-tickling story of three friends, Nick, Dale and Kurt, who are deeply upset with their bosses for different reasons. Even though Nick puts his full effort in office, his boss, Dave Harken, scolds him for being two minutes late and tricks him to drink scotch at 8:00 in the morning. Adding more fuel to fire, he declared himself as the vice president of sales in addition to his current designation and thus, he blows out Nick’s dream of being the vice president forever.  Dale is working as an assistant to Dr. Julia. Dr. Julia sexually offends Dale. She also threatens to expose his nude pictures with her, roguishly shot while he was unconscious, to his girlfriend. Kurt likes his work until his boss dies of heart-attack and his psychopathic son becomes his boss. His new boss threatens him to fire unless he fires one of the “fat lady” and “Mr. Xavier”. While drinking at the bar, they find a hypothetical solution of their problems and that was to murder their bosses. They meet mother-fucker john who becomes their murder-consultant and gives them a five -thousand- dollar- idea to kill each other’s boss. What happens next is full of lots of twists and turns and then finally, it ends with an unpredictable and humorous note...

Jennifer Anniston as a sexually harassing and foul-mouthed boss has done a splendid job. No doubt, this is one of the finest performances of Anniston till date and more importantly, it lets her come out of  comfort zone and play a character she had never done before. Kevin Spacy (Dave harken) as an office-jerk has done a remarkable job. . I loved the Kevin spacy’s performance as Dave Harken most. The way he characterizes himself as an egotistical jerk, shows ingenuity to his role. Collin Ferral as bobby completely justifies his character.  He almost dissolves his character into a drug-addict maniac. It was hilarious when he argued with Kurt to fire one of the “Fat lady” and “Dr Xavier” or else he would fire all of the three.  Not to mention, Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudekies) have done awesome job.

In a nutshell, Seth Gordon, the director of movie, has done a fantastic job by providing intensity to the dark, crude and hilarious plot of this movie.  Kudos to him and his strong cast.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Those Umpteen Years

Deep inside my skins
The bluish veins were carrying
My life...cold and entrenched
Equivocally dead
Laughter subdued into restrained
Hollow smile
An innocent heart was seeking to be guile
Belief, hope, trust and love
Seemed just a fantasy...perhaps a pun
This tiresome, tedious and treacherous run
 Was it worthwhile for just a minuscule fun?
Then one day, it knocked my door
It entered; I was lying on the floor
I was pulled apart into two
Detracted into Me and him
I saw those numb dead eyes
I felt the void, the emptiness those umpteen years
When it was carrying me
I never loved him...
And in turn, not loved by him.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Force- Adrenaline-Fueled Action Movie

Force is completely an action movie with few dews of romance.  Yashvardhan (John Abraham), an ACP in Narcotics Department is undercover cop who investigates the nexus of drug business, disseminated all across the country. With the help of an informer, he and his team (Mohnish behl and others) successfully eliminate all the drug-mafias. Subsequent investigation report by IB about informer and afterwards his death puts a question mark on his selfless intentions to revel drug mafia which later confirms it as a strategy driven by Vishnu(Vidyut Jamwal) to rule all over India in drug business. Later, Yashvardhan kills Vishnu’s brother (Mukesh Rishi) during drug dealing.  And then Vishnu’s vindictiveness sets a new limit of brutality against Yashvardhan and his team.

In a nutshell, FORCE has captivating plot with striking and intensive performance of John as an ACP and the new comer, Vidyut Jamwal, as villain. Not for a single moment it let me take my eyes off from the screen. SIZE MATTERS and JOHN persona in the role of tough and stern-looking cop indeed verifies it. Genelia D'Souza as a bubbly and sweet girl enchants on the screen and her innocent romance with john preserves the droplets of love even in the heat of incessant action. The debuted performance of Vidyut jamawal as villain is superb which aptly personifies his character as an evil itself. The performance of Mohnish Behal is worth-watching. Raj-Babbar as commissioner of police is tolerable.

With high decibel of bone-crunching punch and roaring background, this adrenaline-fuelled movie stands in the row of good action movies of Bollywood. If you are hardcore action fan and not a faint-hearted, then this movie is surely for you. Go and watch!! ... You would not be disappointed.