Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mesmerizing Memories

In six months of relatively small period of my life I have been at three beautiful places that have carved mesmerizing memories in my heart and soul forever. Well, these seemingly hyperbolic statements are about Pune, Amritsar and Bangalore. Pune, the place where I did my training in exquisite and enthralling surroundings of mesmerizing mountains and sparkling greenery… There was an amazing amalgamation of serenity and liveliness in the aromatic air of this place which I feel is somehow originated or just embroidered by the cool and composed water of Khadakwasla lake. And yeah, on the weekend, the city-malls and the roads which inexplicably widened the eyes of a guy like me and made me feel the rush of excitement inside me…

Amritsar, where I was during my field-attachment with Army is historically, religiously and aesthetically a place of great importance. A narrow geographical line which has created a huge valley engrossed with hate and disbelief defines the one side of this city…My sense of freedom got deepened and sudden surge of anger flew through my veins when I witnessed the reminiscences of one of the most dreadful incident happened in the entire history in Jaaliwala Bagh. The resplendent beauty of Golden temple, bathed in the golden rays of setting sun was such a superb scenic view that led me to appreciate the kaleidoscopic beauty of existence…And finally how can my taste-buds forget those delicious and mouthwatering Goleguppes and Aalloo ke parathe??

Bangalore…the name itself sounded so many images in my mind which had been created in the very beginning of my engineering in IT-BHU…I used to visualized this city with dazzling and glittering multi-storey buildings, wide reflecting roads and girls walking in their gorgeous dresses very similar to Hollywood movies…As soon as I entered into my residential complex in Bangalore, I was delighted to see the reddish ground as if red flowers of the lush-green trees were reflecting themselves on the ground…There was vibrant and shimmering greenery inside my township with the fragrance of tranquility and serenity…and it took no time to find why Bangalore is also known as “City of Gardens”. I am just two weeks old in Bangalore...So visually unfamiliar about its flashy and cheeky side of the city…Will say about it in detail in my coming posts…
So this Monday as I got in the Spice-Jet…An unexpected and unprecedented thing occurred…Which led me to formulate something… which I wish to share with you…

If you are single…
The best thing happens in a journey when a beautiful girl sits beside you…and the worst thing happens when she sits with her boy-friend beside you…: D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something I belong, Really and Eternally

Somewhere so far I was
Didn’t know what was pinching my heart
Didn’t know what was twitching my eyes
In the emptiness and incompleteness of my own being
Was seeking a companion, a confidant, a matching being
I put my hands on my heart and the Nerves
And I listened between those two Gaps
Something irrational, inexplicable and mysterious
Some vague vibrations were dwelling inside my heart of hearts
Invisible wires, disintegrated due the loads of longevity
Devastating celestial-communication of me and divinity
And you put your loving hands on my head
A miraculous and mysterious resonance occurred
My heart found its own rhyme and rhythm
My eyes were no longer dim and numb
My soul was dancing in the music of existence
I was free, now there was no boundaries, no fence
I did not believe in God; I did not believe in Miracle
I did not believe in mysteries; I did not believe the power of soul
But that day...I experienced God...I experienced Miracle
I witnessed mystery... and in your soul I found mine
You are the origin of my Life; the quintessence of love
And there is an invisible and indestructible link
That even your memories let me sleep in your lap
In this Vast and huge territorial Map
If something I belong, really and eternally
This is one and only, your warm and loving lap

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Distorted emotions; camouflaged expressions
Never been allowed to fly without restrictions
Suppressed, subjugated, concealed and repressed
Wouldn’t they imprison us in a dead-bed?
We take birth and die but in between the two
There is life... momentary, moving and mortal
And there is heart... tender, emotive and irrational
Synchronicity of these two might be “love”
The weakest and the most vulnerable link
Can let us be in heaven or hell in a blink
In the weightless, blossoming and sparkling environment
Emotions are spontaneous and unrestricted
Also, Immaculate and innocent like a child
Expression is reflection of emotions...
And Love is the most subtle and pure form of Expression...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I heard soothing sound of perhaps, those ringing-bells,
Carried by perfumed wind, breezing from those far green dells
An indistinguishable-invisible life was mixed and merged
 And my ignited-dehydrated heart was somehow quenching his thirst
All of sudden, I stood up, danced, laughed and cried
People were in awe and in surprise, standing by side
I felt more incense; more soothing sound
Mesmerized I was, insisted my friends to make a round
They clapped; they sang and I danced, lying on the ground
I saw group of people, clad in white; walking silently and mournfully
Then I suddenly realized, it was not ringing bells but mourning knells
The mourning knells of one are ringing bells for someone
In life, Contradiction is often driven through the integration
 One’s dark-dreary night might be other’s bright-breezy morrow
Even flowers of happiness blossom in the roots of sorrow