Saturday, August 23, 2008


When his eyes are gleaming and bright,
For him, to be happy is birth right.
A tiny leaf resembles him an amazing creation,
Every natural action teaches a lesson.
He does not know what is happiness or unhappiness,
What is to be silent and what is to be in race.
For him, the noise of nature is universal music,
He never judge who is down, who is at the peak.
He never thinks what is to win, what is to loose,
For him, to strive for the top is chasing a wild goose.
He is real to life, not an actor,
He is free, nothing can bind his character.
In spite of being fifty, his heart is of five,
In spite of being looser, he is real player of life.
One who loves to do and never does because he should,
My friend! He is the man of childhood.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crying eyes

Have you ever seen the crying eyes
A speechless mouth of moaning size
A body hided by torn cloths
And legs that tremble to advance
Her watery eyes are searching someone
Her mute prayer is trying to awake everyone
Her thin hands are not able to lift the bowl
which she holds and trying it not to fall
Her eyes are moving more than her legs
Her heart speaks more than her mouth when she begs
She does not know why and how she is here
Why she is crying, while others cheer
We are moving, ignoring that she laments
At every temple, every corner, at every moment

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Why divine books are needed when we can know everything that makes us to realize happiness. It should be noticed that I m calling the books divine. Every book is not divine Often we forget ourselves in midst to our desires, competition and fame that books prove to be light torch in the ocean. They give us chance to mirror ourselves. Actually books are effect. When some thing deeper in consciousness happen the realization of a man comes into book and we want to get the realization, meet the creation by reading book which is not logically possible to create the same aura of consciousness because what we are getting is result and by seeing the result we can not set our path to destination. But this result may some how be able to inspire us to choose our own unique path to our destination. We, the people, never get satisfied by what we own today. We are driven by our outer being not by our inner being. We enjoy when some one respect us. Therefore by getting respect we have to be superior and for superiority our desire increases and increases and then there is gigantic war between desires which creates gloom every

here. Generally we have problem that we know that if we lay down this desire, this competition we will be happy. But we are not able to understand ourselves that what I am thinking is an illusion. We just want to forget us in illusion. So momentarily we have n effect of reality but again we fall into illusory world and begin to realize happiness in every thing which we don’t belong and our effort begins to bloom due to the gloom of our heart. Every time we see the people who are affluent, have more materialistic power and glamour and recognition. We try to align ourselves accordingly. But every one is unique. This is the starting of your abashment.