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Life is Beautiful

He looked deep down in his heart, searching the reasons of the restlessness and the never-felt pain which was literally tearing out his soul from his physical body. In the cacophony of so many unanswerable questions, reasons were lying like half-lived fish, just taken out of the life of ocean. When reasons don’t seem obvious, passion starts reigning mind. But this passion was different in the sense that it was not for getting the reasons but getting out of the reasons... and the questions... and its damn answers. He saw his numb eyes, big nose and big dark-scattered hairs in the glass filled with dark liquid put above the table. The whirling of Fan, the flickering of tube light and the alcoholic smell, had made the ambience look like no less than a horror movie. He was lying like a lump of flesh on his easy chair, putting his legs above the table and one hand holding the glass and other in his lap. The packet of new classic cigarettes was lying down saying “smoking causes Cancer” soun…

The Day of Eternal Sleep

The Heart- wrenching moments And the moments of bliss  Each moment I am becoming new Peeling out old-rusted-rotten skin And my heart learns a new more melodious tune After every tornado of sorrow And when tears rolls down They also seep away the blurriness of eyes I can feel the old, me,  Becoming new, more and more beautiful Perhaps life is letting me to my most beautiful day The day of absolute new, the day of eternal sleep.

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In the fierce and feverish wind You came and gave a shelter To my trembled, trampled and gloomy beam of my life  In the light of my own beam I saw your radiant face like a sun-rise in my darkened heart My expression flowed, wiping out all the layers of deceptiveness And softened the hardened rock  burdened on my chest due to life-long deposition Of rules of Good and bad;  Of discrimination of beautiful and ugly In the layer-less conscious of my being I saw the transparent bareness of my own being Felt the love flowing in the veins in place of blood Heard the music of my soul crooned by my heart   And vibrating the tiniest cells of my body On the sweetest rhythm of Life I can’t say...How lively the words become When my love drenches the words coming for you When I see in your lovely comely eyes I often wonder...I am seeing Me or You...


Thoughts flowing through the woven words Reflected so clearly through the dancing eyes A life was indeed flowing Flowing! In between two lives.
In the longitudinal expansion and compression The silent music was vibrating in the mysterious tune The bonds inside were loosening And two lives were centering to a new life.
In the shadow of love, conversely, Things become brighter and prettier In the bond of love, conversely Souls taste the eternal freedom
In the mirror of her eyes First time I loved myself so deeply First time I saw “I” vanishing into “We” First time I felt a drop mingling into Life-Sea
My hands felt a sudden urge to touch her I felt to say how amazing, adorable she was But the touch, the words were so petty Their worldly touch could defile its sanctity
Alas! The night of departure stroked Ear got deaf and eyes got blurred It was “Time” who tried to cut the chord To break the mirror with its mighty sword I cried oh! Lord Why did you let me fall in love with her? If you had to take her away from m…


Mesmerizing Memories

a In six months of relatively small period of my life I have been at three beautiful places that have carved mesmerizing memories in my heart and soul forever. Well, these seemingly hyperbolic statements are about Pune, Amritsar and Bangalore. Pune, the place where I did my training in exquisite and enthralling surroundings of mesmerizing mountains and sparkling greenery… There was an amazing amalgamation of serenity and liveliness in the aromatic air of this place which I feel is somehow originated or just embroidered by the cool and composed water of Khadakwasla lake. And yeah, on the weekend, the city-malls and the roads which inexplicably widened the eyes of a guy like me and made me feel the rush of excitement inside me…

Amritsar, where I was during my field-attachment with Army is historically, religiously and aesthetically a place of great importance. A narrow geographical line which has created a huge valley engrossed with hate and disbelief defines the one side of this city…My …

Something I belong, Really and Eternally

Somewhere so far I was Didn’t know what was pinching my heart Didn’t know what was twitching my eyes In the emptiness and incompleteness of my own being Was seeking a companion, a confidant, a matching being I put my hands on my heart and the Nerves And I listened between those two Gaps Something irrational, inexplicable and mysterious Some vague vibrations were dwelling inside my heart of hearts Invisible wires, disintegrated due the loads of longevity Devastating celestial-communication of me and divinity And you put your loving hands on my head A miraculous and mysterious resonance occurred My heart found its own rhyme and rhythm My eyes were no longer dim and numb My soul was dancing in the music of existence I was free, now there was no boundaries, no fence I did not believe in God; I did not believe in Miracle I did not believe in mysteries; I did not believe the power of soul But that day...I experienced God...I experienced Miracle I witnessed mystery... and in your soul I found mine You are the or…


Distorted emotions; camouflaged expressions Never been allowed to fly without restrictions Suppressed, subjugated, concealed and repressed Wouldn’t they imprison us in a dead-bed? We take birth and die but in between the two There is life... momentary, moving and mortal And there is heart... tender, emotive and irrational Synchronicity of these two might be “love” The weakest and the most vulnerable link Can let us be in heaven or hell in a blink In the weightless, blossoming and sparkling environment Emotions are spontaneous and unrestricted Also, Immaculate and innocent like a child Expression is reflection of emotions... And Love is the most subtle and pure form of Expression...


I heard soothing sound of perhaps, those ringing-bells, Carried by perfumed wind, breezing from those far green dells An indistinguishable-invisible life was mixed and merged  And my ignited-dehydrated heart was somehow quenching his thirst All of sudden, I stood up, danced, laughed and cried People were in awe and in surprise, standing by side I felt more incense; more soothing sound Mesmerized I was, insisted my friends to make a round They clapped; they sang and I danced, lying on the ground I saw group of people, clad in white; walking silently and mournfully Then I suddenly realized, it was not ringing bells but mourning knells The mourning knells of one are ringing bells for someone In life, Contradiction is often driven through the integration  One’s dark-dreary night might be other’s bright-breezy morrow Even flowers of happiness blossom in the roots of sorrow

Stream of Emotions

In the whirling of emotions Things start centering inside There were so many, implicit and explicit Fictional and real; dirty and Neat Words are so feeble to let it out Heart is restless to clear this doubt When you are delicate inside An apparent-stoned-layer rounds outside Might be it is a nature’s way To resist the hurtful-feelings and to keep it away Or might be it is a defensive approach Which disorients your outside and inside so much You are dumped into saddening-schizophrenic-hell To hear your own mournful-melancholic knell Put out the garbage that has choked the stream of emotions And the layers that have hided your heart from the rejuvenating ray of sun Love cannot bloom in the drenched-barren-deserted soul And without ‘love’ you cannot immaculately enact your role
Dear friends...I am going to be again active in Blog-sphere...My Training has been almost completed now. I have been posted in Bangalore...From this weekend I would be in Bangalore... Cheers!!

Women-Empowerment (A Short Story)

Her spectacle ridden red eyes were trying to run away from the crowd as soon as possible. Every person was looking so alien, so dreadful.  Her heart was pounding so fast, it felt it could come out anytime. She closed her eyes; took a long-breath; chanted a prayer, perhaps to stabilize her trembling soul. But it was of no use. In the high decibel of the noise she had already lost her ability to hear her own words. Somewhere at some meters away she found a corner.  She moved towards the corner with her shuddering legs but alas! Her blurring eyes were proving too difficult to keep open. She fell down and in a few hours she was laying against white bed-sheet in the government hospital. She didn’t know who took her there.  She moved her eyes everywhere to search some known faces. But there was no one. Finally she closed her eyes. So how are you feeling now? She heard a male, soothing yet concerned voice, but not sure if it was for her or someone else. She opened her eyes slightly...As the ima…

Dense Senses

I let my nerves restrain more and more I let myself wait more and more I let my pores sweat more and more Might be it would let me find my inner core Might be it would let me differentiate rot and pure Might be it would lead me to freedom-door And today in the rapid race of life In the false praise and frustrating strife I too have got addicted for this dazzling yet shallow life Moving in the same way, millions are running Dreaming and desiring the same thing, millions are doing And dying for love when so much love is raining Have I not lost myself in the crowd of people? Have I not become cripple due to race of being special? Sometimes I feel to break all these invisible dazzling chains And let my soul feel the unadulterated air outside these hollow dens But my senses have become so dense Its gravity is not letting me come out of the social-fence. But one day I would, no more this life can lure Life is so short; one must go for its cure.


*Picture is subjected to Copyright Many Days have been I haven’t written anything Today I put my hands on the Keyboard Perhaps to tune my feeling through mind-chord My feelings are new and has buried the old Now I am not good but I am bold My Goodness was nothing But a dull flower in the soil of my cowardness I got afraid of them who are themselves Shrinking in the darkness of fear I got unhappy due to them who are themselves Too unhappy to see other’s happiness They don’t let you to see the reality Disguised themselves in the shallow make up of gaiety Love! It is only that can make us bold It is only that can change our mental-mould And boldness is what let you to be free And freedom is the sweetest fruit of your Life-tree