When his eyes are gleaming and bright,
For him, to be happy is birth right.
A tiny leaf resembles him an amazing creation,
Every natural action teaches a lesson.
He does not know what is happiness or unhappiness,
What is to be silent and what is to be in race.
For him, the noise of nature is universal music,
He never judge who is down, who is at the peak.
He never thinks what is to win, what is to loose,
For him, to strive for the top is chasing a wild goose.
He is real to life, not an actor,
He is free, nothing can bind his character.
In spite of being fifty, his heart is of five,
In spite of being looser, he is real player of life.
One who loves to do and never does because he should,
My friend! He is the man of childhood.


Anonymous said…
another fantastically written..
keep going..
good luck
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanx a lot for ur encouraging words

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