Monday, March 30, 2009

Present is Present

Caution: I do not know what is to live in present. I just want to express my thoughts to support the views of enlightened being of living in 'present'. It is only a possibility, not a certainty.

All living things have one common thing. Birth and death ,our initial and final state, between it there is process which we call life. Life is process of change, a change to welcome the death, the ultimate state. If there is something certain in life that is death. Time creates illusion. We can live only in present. So only present is reality. Past and future do not exist. But most of our actions are motivated by past and inspired by future. We forget present. The remembrance of past and dream of future clouds the present. Therefore we live life virtually. Perhaps this may be reason why gurdijeff says that people lives their whole life in sleep. But it is not easy either to be live in present and perhaps one who learns is known as enlightened. A fictitious happiness cannot content us and perhaps this may be a reason why we never get contentment. From centuries we are told, live in present, live with awareness. Just by living completely in present, the distance of your birth and death vanishes. Birth, death and present coincide at one point. For a man living in present, it does not matter whether he dies today or will die after 20 years, because today and after 20 years he will be in present. He still has same being, filling him a sensation of his existence at that moment. He conquers the fear of the death and get detached from the attachment of past. When we are hungry, we eat at that time. One cannot free from hunger by thinking about food in past or desiring about food in future. Even hunger cannot, how one can get peace, enjoyment, thinking about the past and future. Even if he gets it, it is virtual and psychological.
Desires are product of future. Attachments are the product of past. This is why desires and attachment are claimed as reason of all distress. One cannot free from desires and attachment until he lives in present. So someone has well said,” past is history, future is mystery, present is gift that’s why we call it as present.”

Monday, March 23, 2009


My belief has wandered from Asharam Bapu to osho, retreating many places like Gaytri parivar and ISKCON. I feel fortunate to have experience of all and when someone is catering just in 500 rs why should I not increase the quantity of my experience. So as soon as I was asked about the UTSAVA event in art of living, I accepted. The first thing which I feel good was the balanced participation of boys and girls. At least it was not barren like ISKCON where number of males over females still manifests the negligence of one of the essential part of society. I do not know whether it is negligence of females or result of their philosophical and non-practical attitude. But whatever is the reason, spiritualism is beyond the physical appearances and if it is not, then there must be same male chauvinist attitude which were in the ancient tradition, devised by man. I was welcome with a tilak on my head and entered one of the 4 zone classified for equal distribution of crowd. One young person, clad in white kurta payjama appeared with a mike and addressed with his sweet, soft voice. Then we are told to do surya namakar. He assured that if you do 40 namaskar then no one can touch you (but still I am puzzled). People approved through thundering claps. Somehow I managed myself to belief without asking any proof and with great enthusiasm I participated. I did pranayam and then the sudarshan kriya. Really I felt a vibration throughout my body. It was fascinating for me to feel the unusual vibration in a rhythmic sense. I was feeling a union of my tongue, hands, and legs as they had become the part of energy surrounding my body. I do not know whether it was some extraordinary happening (as they claimed) or an ordinary (nonsignificant) (as critics claimed) sensation but whatever it was, I was relaxed. Thoughts were settled and focus was cleared. I bought one T-shirt advertising the global spiritualism in the front and ‘smile’ on the back. I liked it and prefer it to continue. But their philosophy about mind control and clinging to someone still contradicts my own and gives me a chance to get a new experience.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Shadows

Every day is new day. A new day to follow your dreams, a new day to take resolution, a commitment to be happy. Whatever will happen to me, nothing will tear my happiness. This should be an attitude towards our life. No one can snatch your happiness from you because this is nature of your being. But how you are going to remember this. For this prayer are devised, meditation is developed, to be prepare for the day, to conquer the obstacles and difficulties of the life. There is a story. Once there was a crow. He was very hungry. But there was nothing to eat. Just few meters away there was a river. When his every trick failed to get food he thought why I should not catch a fish? He flew above the river, looked deep into the water. As he was about to hunt a fish, he saw his own shadow and thought that someone is coming to fight. He gets frightened and trembled and fell in the river. This is what happens to us. We are so equipped with inner – fight that we forget our goal, our dreams. In reality there is nothing to fight. Only requirement is to recognize it as a shadow. Our shadow exists only in the absence of light. Light appears; Shadow disappears. This is why Mahavira and Buddha talks about awareness. In the light of awareness, the shadow of inner fight vanishes.