Our Shadows

Every day is new day. A new day to follow your dreams, a new day to take resolution, a commitment to be happy. Whatever will happen to me, nothing will tear my happiness. This should be an attitude towards our life. No one can snatch your happiness from you because this is nature of your being. But how you are going to remember this. For this prayer are devised, meditation is developed, to be prepare for the day, to conquer the obstacles and difficulties of the life. There is a story. Once there was a crow. He was very hungry. But there was nothing to eat. Just few meters away there was a river. When his every trick failed to get food he thought why I should not catch a fish? He flew above the river, looked deep into the water. As he was about to hunt a fish, he saw his own shadow and thought that someone is coming to fight. He gets frightened and trembled and fell in the river. This is what happens to us. We are so equipped with inner – fight that we forget our goal, our dreams. In reality there is nothing to fight. Only requirement is to recognize it as a shadow. Our shadow exists only in the absence of light. Light appears; Shadow disappears. This is why Mahavira and Buddha talks about awareness. In the light of awareness, the shadow of inner fight vanishes.


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