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Life is Beautiful

He looked deep down in his heart, searching the reasons of the restlessness and the never-felt pain which was literally tearing out his soul from his physical body. In the cacophony of so many unanswerable questions, reasons were lying like half-lived fish, just taken out of the life of ocean. When reasons don’t seem obvious, passion starts reigning mind. But this passion was different in the sense that it was not for getting the reasons but getting out of the reasons... and the questions... and its damn answers. He saw his numb eyes, big nose and big dark-scattered hairs in the glass filled with dark liquid put above the table. The whirling of Fan, the flickering of tube light and the alcoholic smell, had made the ambience look like no less than a horror movie. He was lying like a lump of flesh on his easy chair, putting his legs above the table and one hand holding the glass and other in his lap. The packet of new classic cigarettes was lying down saying “smoking causes Cancer” soun…

The Day of Eternal Sleep

The Heart- wrenching moments And the moments of bliss  Each moment I am becoming new Peeling out old-rusted-rotten skin And my heart learns a new more melodious tune After every tornado of sorrow And when tears rolls down They also seep away the blurriness of eyes I can feel the old, me,  Becoming new, more and more beautiful Perhaps life is letting me to my most beautiful day The day of absolute new, the day of eternal sleep.

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