Life is Beautiful

He looked deep down in his heart, searching the reasons of the restlessness and the never-felt pain which was literally tearing out his soul from his physical body. In the cacophony of so many unanswerable questions, reasons were lying like half-lived fish, just taken out of the life of ocean. When reasons don’t seem obvious, passion starts reigning mind. But this passion was different in the sense that it was not for getting the reasons but getting out of the reasons... and the questions... and its damn answers. He saw his numb eyes, big nose and big dark-scattered hairs in the glass filled with dark liquid put above the table. The whirling of Fan, the flickering of tube light and the alcoholic smell, had made the ambience look like no less than a horror movie. He was lying like a lump of flesh on his easy chair, putting his legs above the table and one hand holding the glass and other in his lap. The packet of new classic cigarettes was lying down saying “smoking causes Cancer” sounding like the worst joke of his life. In one sip he finished the glass. He felt fire burning down his body. He could hear the pounding of his heart as if it was being repeatedly hammered. He tried to lift his hands but perhaps they were not his now. They did not move. He felt something pulling out him from his body and this pull was terribly unkind.

Grrrrrrrrrr-----His mobile vibrated. With all his effort he moved his eyes and saw number flashing “Mom”. Tears rolled down from his eyes. He felt so helpless. Thoughts started swirling into his mind. And these thoughts came like tornado, storming out everything. For the first time at the verge of dying and living he got scared of death. He got scared of missing the love; the beauty of life. Love comes like tornado. one can't resist it but can assist it. The horror of life turned into a wish to live eternity. Life was looking so beautiful in the eyes of his loved ones. He disdained himself of doing this. But he had already done it and there was no "ALT +Z". He felt something dawning upon him. Perhaps his soul was trying to come out of his ailing body. And at the next moment he got fainted.  

“Life is beautiful”
“This inspiring book has not only made a world record for the most selling copies but also has changed the life of millions. And today, we are highly privileged to have the speaker, the author of this book, Siddhartha Kashyap, also the founder of LIB (Life is Beautiful) international welfare organisation.”

In the midst of thundering claps, a man, in his late 60s appeared at the podium. He had charismatic radiant eyes. He closed his eyes and felt the God inside, perhaps thanking him for giving his life back, 32 years ago.

Everyone comes here for special purpose. There are nothing like good and bad things. There are only “things” which shape us, forge us to be ready to serve our purpose.  


Beyond Horizon said…
Importance of everything is realised wen its on d verge of losing it...instead of fear we must treasure n express gratitude 4 wat we have!
Durga Nandan said…
It touches my heart every time I read it..
Amit Singh said…
There are ups and down in life and that's what make life beautiful.Without that it will be plane ugly impassive. So, embrace it in the way it comes... amazing post.The last lines were very touching for showing how love supersedes everything. Thanks for such a nice post.

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