Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty and Real Beauty

Have you ever felt what sets wings to your emotions as you suddenly exclaim,” What a beautiful thing this is!” For us anything can be beautiful, irrespective of person, place or emotion. Even a tragic movie ends, leaving tears into our eyes and our heart wells out saying it.... beautiful!!
So, really, to define beauty is as difficult as to define ‘point’ in mathematics. However, I would say everything, beautiful which is the object of happiness. But remember, not the source of happiness. The difference of object and source must be understood to appreciate this definition. Let me explain it through example:
When we meet our loved one after a long-time, our eyes become full of tears. We cry...But we feel happiness...I would call it beauty....
But how am I able to witness this beauty? It is because I have already bore the pain of being away from her.
The source of happiness is the pain. But Pain itself is not the happiness.
May be for one person, the clamouring of birds is just noise and for other it is the music of existence. For a same person, a flower seems an ordinary thing at one moment. And at the next moment, it starts appearing a beautiful gift of existence. 
Does it mean that beauty is only in eyes of seer?  Does it mean it is psychological? Does it mean that we have to squeeze the beauty by being in complete awareness? Well, I feel it is.
What makes TajMahal beautiful? What makes a golden sculpture more beautiful than iron sculpture?
When we see an object, we perceive an image in the reflection of many things. Like if we are seeing a historical building, its history and mystery is as important as its infrastructure in judging beauty. 
Even gold and diamond are regarded as beautiful, not only because they are but also due to rarity and usefulness. For a child, I think marble and gold would not make a difference in terms of beauty.  
What makes a woman/man beautiful for man/woman?
It is his/her desire, in the shadow of which they define beauty. Well, sex is an important aspect but it is not the only one; care, compassion, security and many other things plays a vital role in judging the person beautiful. 
He likes SRK( actor) but his liking is just projection of his subtle desire to be like him. He likes Aishwarya because consciously and unconsciously he wants to posses her.
One calls Mother Teresa beautiful, not because her appearance but due to her philanthropic works.
One likes Ferrari not because it looks but it would fill his subtle desire. Now this desire is also product of many things (human instincts).
Why do people consider fairer people more beautiful?
I think it is just conditioning of mind. Black people had been subjected to slavery, humiliation and disgrace for many centuries. Consequently, people’s minds have been conditioned to accept this bitter and atrocious fact even today. It is imperative to ponder as there are some communities where measurement of beauty is just reverse of general thinking. Even Krishna, who is considered as the most beautiful person on earth had dark complexion which itself shows dark was beautiful in the past. Society fills our mind with prejudices and dogmas, in the reflection of which we judge beauty.

What I conclude is when we see an object we judge it according to its attributes in every dimension like history, mystery, pain endured, rarity and usefulness. Beauty is a function of those attributes which are just projection of our desire. 
World would be always discriminated in two parts- beautiful and ugly if we did have desire and conditioned mind. 

Real  beauty...?
As I have not experienced what real beauty is, so at most I can give a hypothetical explanation of real beauty. When one sees an object without any judgement of good or bad; without any history or mystery; without any desire, I think the emotion he feels at that very moment would be Real beauty. And beauty of this assumption lies in the fact that in this way everything would be beautiful. An eternal beauty would be in one’s eyes. This might be the beauty which is explained in our scriptures and is felt by very rare personalities like Buddha (after enlightment).

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


In the serene-still surface of water
When a rain-drop strikes
A ripple flows towards the shore
Leaving behind the circular traces
When sun-light glistens the recurring flow
The sparkling aura seems like infinite lives
Dancing and enjoying in their colourful dresses
With humming melodious tune
Celebrating and welcoming a new one
Now, an indistinguishable part of Whole

It is now scorching rays of sun
Burning and boiling
As if disaster is pushed into million drops of life
Even the tears of all is not suffice to melt the heart of sun
They run; they protect and like a martyr
Sacrifice their life for one another

And now it is night
The cold breezy air is flowing
And letting the tiresome drops relax
And forget all the sorrows, pains and losses
Perhaps getting them ready for new dawn
New life and new fight...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Melody

My eyes were closed
And my mind empty
Yet I could see
A life, coming in and going out
Through my nostrils, wind-pipe to my stomach
And I could feel my heart humming a melody...
A melody!!...vibrating and resonating my soul
Invigorating me to dance, sing and roll...
And my fingers moving on the key-board
Letting me out the indescribable feeling
Through the words, but in vain
The words were just old...stale...
With every word typed in...It is just past, a memory
Not the feeling...
I wonder if I could hold the feeling
Tightly and cosily
And every time, I did...
I felt the synchronicity loosen down
And my soul fastened

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Living-invisible to Dead-Visible

Every day when I went to my office
I saw her on the road side
Watching vigorously
Without blinking her abysmal eyes
Her frail skull, her bony body
Her bare feet, her scattered hairs
Her reedy fingers, her cold look
Shivered my whole being
Felt like a lightening stroke to my heart
And then when I saw people walking by
Without noticing her existence
Absorbed in their own symphony
I wonder if she is too thin to be invisible
Invisible to all of us...
And then when I reached my home
She just became a tragic moment of today’s episode...
And her memories got fade away with each passing moment
Life went on...
She was never different...
Yeah! Worst can’t be worse...
And with each passing day...  I got immune to her...
She was just a picture hung in my memories shivering...and lightening stroke
Got softened through the passage of time...
And suddenly one day... I did not see her...
And again, next day...
Then, again and again
Now it had been two weeks I saw her...
And today when I opened my newspaper
I saw her... Her numb eyes...her cold look...
Her disseminated hairs...
Even her death could not change her look....
But of course, had changed her worth...
“A living-invisible to dead-visible”