In the serene-still surface of water
When a rain-drop strikes
A ripple flows towards the shore
Leaving behind the circular traces
When sun-light glistens the recurring flow
The sparkling aura seems like infinite lives
Dancing and enjoying in their colourful dresses
With humming melodious tune
Celebrating and welcoming a new one
Now, an indistinguishable part of Whole

It is now scorching rays of sun
Burning and boiling
As if disaster is pushed into million drops of life
Even the tears of all is not suffice to melt the heart of sun
They run; they protect and like a martyr
Sacrifice their life for one another

And now it is night
The cold breezy air is flowing
And letting the tiresome drops relax
And forget all the sorrows, pains and losses
Perhaps getting them ready for new dawn
New life and new fight...


So loved this poem...Amit...tell me when r u coming wit a bang back wit ur sweet love stories...Yeah! I still love for such posts from U! :)))

~Keep the spark ALive..
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot dear :)
Your comments mean a lot to me.. :)
will write soon..
divsi said…
pretty pik n prettier words...brilliant read:)

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