Life is peace

One of my friends is religious type. He wants perfection and disdains the sense of competition. One day when the result of end semester was going to out. I saw him in the VT (Vishwanath Temple). With a great silence and admiration of the beauty that surrounds the VT, he prayed to the lord Siva “Oh lord! Please give me good grades.” But he is brilliant too. How god will understand what good is? So again he prayed”, oh my lord, please give me as good grades as all the good students use to have.” This is what most of so called person in this world are doing. They want peace and harmony in their life. They want this peace to be derived by the struggle. The struggle never ceases to stop because how much one attains he always feel some emptiness in their life. Struggle is like a moving rope, binded around our neck. To cope with it we have to move along with the rope. The moment we stop, we are choked. “Life is a struggle. “This statement seems rational because as rope of struggle is moving, in the same way, we see our life is moving. We were child. Now we are young and in future we will be old. Our relationships, our priorities and our preferences are moving. Both life and struggle have one similarity that both are moving. But whatever we are observing is very superficial, materialistic. There is something that is constant which our undefined being is. There is still something in you whom make you feel that your body, your eyes; your heart is always yours. Whatever time it will be, you can feel your individuality. If I am writing here, there is something constant in me and with that reference I am realizing the movement. You can say that to realize the movement one can have a moving reference but again for realizing that reference is moving you should have a constant reference. So ultimately something is constant in you. Constant can never be originated and can never be destroyed because they are not varying and origination and destructions is still a variation. So I feel this constant in you is your soul (As described in GITA by Krishna). Peace is constant. If you have ever realized the momentary peace, you cannot distinguish the nature of peace you cannot quantify the sense of peace like more peace and less peace and if we do then in the first case we are ignorant about the peace and in the second case our peace is not peace it is repressed struggle for peace. Buddha and Mahavira had cut the rope of struggle by the knife of awareness. One who make reference to the constant (Satya -chita- Ananda). For them life is not struggle. It is peace.


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