Essence of Love

A drop of rain, when moist the dry fields, a fragrance pervades, creates an atmosphere of livingness.This fragrance is the joy and ecstasy, which does not remain bounded to rain and fields but becomes universal for everyone who wants to feel it. Trees grow green, as spring comes. Becoming green is not preparation of trees for spring but it is the spontaneous happening, a consequence. A lotus opens their petals as the sun rises. For lotus it is a way of expressing gratitude for its existence to the sun, which gleams it with divine beauty. A dry field loves the rain. Trees love spring. Lotus loves the sun. For me, love is unrestrained (universal) like love of rain and dry fields; spontaneous like love of trees and spring; a sense of gratitude like love of lotus and sun.
“Love is freedom” is the most common line, depicting love. No one talks about the lovers. Are they free? Is it the love that makes us free or free can love only? What is the level of freedom because freedom has a vast significance and can be classified into many categories? There are still many questions which I want to resolve. For this time I can only repeat the
KHALIL GIBRAN’s line for the lovers



Yayaver said…
Love is most beautiful of all emotion and rarely it is expressed. Another joyous reading venture for me...
Thank you.

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