I love to fly kites...Kites are one of the few things that depict life so aptly...In a blank space, a vulnerable piece of paper is high as it starts looking like a star dwelling in the light of sun...There are so many kites flying ...people have got the threads that are controlling them...making them to go more upwards...As they draw the string; it swings up-ward and then like a unwilling child, it starts coming into its own position...But wind starts caressing it like a mother and pushes it to go upwards...And suddenly it starts lifting..But the man is not satisfied by the current height of its ‘kites’...he draws the thread again and again until it starts flying at the highest position...And see, how serious kite looks at the highest position...It is ups and downs...But has it not lost its charm ???


Durga Nandan said…
has not. :)
btw, is there a 'highest' position? aint everything just relative?
Roshmi Sinha said…
A very nice read... and you have described the kite quite aptly. It is a metaphor for life, indeed.

It brought back memories of my childhood as well. I indulged in numerous fights/competitions with my friends... with the kite, and the entire locality would resound with the shrieks of "bhoo katta". I pity today's kids... our childhood days were so much more fun.
vishal jindal said…
hi amit
well first time here thru blog hopping...liked ur blog..
'But the man is not satisfied by his ‘kites’ current height'..yea very true :)
BK Chowla said…
Very well expressed.
Madhu said…
Nicely put. This is why it is important to know when to stop, even in life. It is importance to have a balance.
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Anonymous said…
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Amritbir Kaur said…
That was a new way of looking at the kite flying activity. Years back I have watched my brother flying kites...yes it has become less popular these days (at least that is what I feel in our area). Nice post!
anushree said…
i hv always liked the simplicity of ur work..that is the charm of ur work..keep it up.
n a very happy new year!

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