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My mind which I find dominantly “right” is not satisfied and hence, is constantly pushing a question whether a person of “right” brain could be a “ right” scientist. Personally, I don’t want to be one of those people who incessantly striving for making their future " better" without enjoying the "good" (present).I don’t want to make my life mathematics...I want to make it poetry. There is something in my life that is constantly challenging me to do; to accomplish; to achieve. In the high decibel of theses noises, genuinely what I want seems blur and vague. But sometimes, I feel that you should let yourself flow. And currently, I am in such situation. It has been many days since I have opened my laptop; have seen a good movie; have written something; have introspected and expressed my thoughts.I am missing all those things. The absence of those things has created a void in my life. Recently I have developed interest in photography. And in next coming months, I want to deepen it. So I am going to start a new blog exclusively for photography. I hope this new hobby would made me more sensitive to appreciate the existence in these busy periods of my life.
Wish You A Very Happy New Year....:)


Yayaver said…
hey amit, finally job started taking toll over your hobbies... Start doing something you love or face quarter life crisis after few years.Life as a Poetry, what a lovely thought. Nice to see you after long time.
Roshmi Sinha said…
Look forward to the other blog and the pics :)

Have a fabulous year ahead!
vishal jindal said…
hi amit
// But sometimes I feel you should let you flow in the life observing where it takes.// nw thats a pretty gud thought..i wish u get some life to the voids u have felt..n wish u a very happy new year!
aativas said…
Look forward to your new blog as well ..
Anonymous said…
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Happy New Year. glad that you are doing something you want to do and love to do.hope you enjoy it.
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