A Miracle; A Short Story

Some distant sounds; blurring images; fishy smell; sultry and humid air, this was all she could feel. She didn’t know where she was and why she was. After a dizzying and aching period she could feel the touch of water which was irritating to the core, her body looking like a log, put into salty water for a long-time layering against sands and cobblestones.
“Are you Ok... How are you feeling?  “, In between she heard an organic male voice that was so soothing but full of apprehension...she turned her eyes, sensing the direction of sound....
Her eyes remained opened for a moment. He was handsome, must be of her age or might be 2 years younger or older...she felt she had died and he was an angel, going to welcome in heaven...”Oh! Great...Heaven do exist”, she murmured.
“Who are you?” she saw concern and anger on his face as he asked...she realized that she was not in heaven...she was here...alive; fully functioning; could hear; could smell; could see. She looked around. She saw herself on the shore of a river in a desolate and deserted place. As she was becoming conscious, as she was realizing what wrong had happened with her. And suddenly, pulling his hand away from her, she cried hysterically in anger and desperation.
Why did you do that? You don’t know what have you done?”
I have saved your life!
“Saved my life, you have ruined my death.”
Death! Are you going to commit suicide?
No, I was going to get permanent cure of my disease.
What disease...Are you suffering? “
Yes! I am suffering...And death is its only cure...You know, you ruined everything.”
Don’t puzzle me...Tell me.
Am I puzzling you? You have made my life a puzzle.”
She was realizing she was becoming too harsh on him. She felt humiliation in his eyes.
Ok! Sorry I am being harsh on you.” She cried as she was going to weep.
“Yes! I was going to do suicide. But you know, why? ...Because he dumped me; left me. He had been with me for 2 years and I never thought how filthy he could be...I left my family; my parents; my brother for only being with him and he... was being lovey-dovey with another girl and when I asked...he had a simple answer...we are over!. How simply he answered.” She cried and cried.
“Are you not feeling weird what I am doing here, in this abandoned land?”
Sometimes questions have answers too. She was flabbergasted.
He continued, “When you see someone dying, you realize what it means to be alive and that is what I have learned from your life when you were dying. We cannot choose our life and so we have no right to choose our death.”
He sat down beside her. “Don’t worry...God does not want to make us die...that’s why we met.”
She felt tenderness and affection in his words.
 “Your life is not so cheap that you would lose for any uncouth and dishonest one.” Do you not believe in miracles? You should do. Life is a miracle and when someone snatches one’s life from the abode of death is another miracle. And this is a miracle for both of us. “
He touched her cold hand, she felt the warmth, and it was the warmth of life. When souls meet, eyes begin to speak. A mystical force pulled them close. He wiped away her tears. They embraced, but it was not physical. It was merger of two souls who had found the meaning of life and were dancing to get the rhythm of each other in the music of existence.

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divsi said…
very beautiful!
luv aint onli physical proximity as understood by most ppl..its a merger of abstract feeling thots n emotions!
well written amit!
kip writin!:)
n congo for the indi blogger rank!:)
Raashi said…
Simply awesome write up, you have the capacity to move your readers along the your story, it felt as if i was sitting somewhere on that island watching the whole scene.
Great work...
Keep writing :)
Anonymous said…
fascinating piece Amit, you have relayed the emotions with almost perfect dexterity....
I really enjoyed..

but I think the male character was more like you...he he...I mean look at what he said.."Life is a miracle and when someone snatches one’s life from the abode of death is another miracle. And this is a miracle for both of us. "
I mean this is typical AMIT stuff right..beautiful thought...

(so you got soulmate eh??, wink!!)
Singh Amit said…
@ Divsi...
Thanks a lot.. :)
So True...
"luv aint onli physical proximity as understood by most ppl..its a merger of abstract feeling thots n emotions"

Singh Amit said…
@ Raashi...
Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.. :)
It's really encouraging.. :)
Glad that you liked it... :)
Keep Visiting.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ RSV..
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment... :)
Glad that you liked it.. :)

Soul mate!
ha ha ha ha :)
Going to register on Shaadi.com..(Just finished the book " I Too Had A love Story")

Samadrita said…
That was nicely written.I kind of expected the story to proceed a little further than this but it's okay.
Especially the beginning was awesome. :)

P.S:Will vote for you!
Singh Amit said…
@ Samadrita..
Thanks a lot :)
I too feel..Story should be slightly longer...
But anyways...I loved ur honest suggestion.. :)
Would try in my next story :)
Keep Visiting.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot for Voting me.. :)
@ Amit

Beautiful thought and a love story...if I can call it.I liked the end of the Story:)

Indeed, I have a very strong belief that when one Door closes, God Opens ups Many More Successful Doors. Keep Hope. Death/Suicide is never answer to any problem.

However, sometimes life makes you still in a moment where no wonder how intellect that person is, leaves all hopes and breaks down. Interestingly, it’s that moment when God guides you in the presence of some act or in person. In understanding term, we call Him/Her as ANGEL. Now call it Angelic influence or MIRACLE, you save yourself.

Honestly, Amit I can write a hell lot as many thought I’m having are now getting interconnected.

Well this is what a greatest effect of your post that always Rocks my head with ideas and philosophies.

So let me conclude,

-Everything in life that happens is due to some reason and an effective learning has to be done from the each and every moment of our life.

-Suicide is the Disgrace to God, never ever think about it.

- Keep its straight and right into you head that one who betrayed you was definitely not meant for you. Good it happened early, now you know you saved your time and efforts…LET it GO and move on. It’s hard but not impossible.

-If you don’t find answer to your mind bobbling questions then just call some close one/ FRIEND and get consoled, best and easy option!
beautiful and nice writing. Good that u didnt make her die. I got a serene feeling while reading this.
A feeling that all is not lost and things do turn out to be good. Keep writing:-)
Singh Amit said…
@ Rachana...
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment.. :)

You are true...Sometimes life hits you so hard that you don't find the significance of your life and despite being intellectual .....for a moment... it doesn't give you another option...

A sense of Acceptance of the things...that is happening outside you...that is happening inside you might be effective in this case... as you have said..."Everything in life happens is due to some reason"...this thought itself invokes a sense of Acceptance.... :)

Your comments always complete my posts...
Keep Visiting.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Butterfly Thoughts..
Thanks a lot... :)
In a way it is the essence of story in one line..
"A feeling that all is not lost and things do turn out to be good"
Glad that You liked it..
Keep Visiting
Shruti said…
Amit, will come back 2 read ur post..
Visit my profile :)
Something is waiting for you!
shilpa said…
Beautiful story Amit.
by the way, its again about love..


Anonymous said…
are Shilpa...yaar use wo mil chuki hai..
abe amit bata de yaar eise bedard duniya se chhupa ke kya milega..
pyar kiya to darna kya....


(sorry for spoiling the comments section, he he)
Anonymous said…
@ RSV: hum dono ne shayad hi koi blogger chhoda hoga jiske comment box ko spam se na bhara ho...

@Amit: sorry. Plz don't ban me and rahul. ;)

Singh Amit said…

Thanks a lot.. :)

Ah, i am just trying to spread "Love" through my blog..... :) letting this love to satiate my "barren" heart....

Ban! never...Ur comments are always welcome...

Singh Amit said…

"pyar kiya to darna kya...."

Jisse Pyar kiya usse to darna na.
ha ha ha :)

Shilpa said…
@Amit: You are scared of her?? :D

mujhe lagraha hai k baki ladko ko bhi aapse kuch seekhna chayiye.good going.keep it up balak!!
Roshmi Sinha said…
Another good read. You are becoming quite a story-teller and a philosopher too! :)
Roshmi Sinha said…
And about the 'IndiBlogger of the month' bit... been there done that :)

Good luck!
Singh Amit said…
Ha ha ha ha .... :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Roshmi..
Thanks a lot...
Glad that you liked it....:)
"story-teller and a philosopher"
that's a gr8 compliment for me...:)

And thanks a lot again for giving me vote...:)
Good one... people who commit suicide must see movies like Geetanjali (Telugu) where two people, both terminally ill and not hopeful of living more than a couple of months fall in love and wish they had more days to live!

Destination Infinity
mAhEsH KaLaAL said…
simple and philosophical.....
I liked d concept of soulmate...
Singh Amit said…
@ Destination Infinity..
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u like it...:)
Welcome to my blog.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)
Glad that u liked it.. :
Shankar said…
hey..nice one amith.. and thanks for reminding me... I voted for you buddy.. cheers.. all the best...
Singh Amit said…

Thanks a ton dear... :)
gayatri said…
Beautiful story Amit. I am also working on a story where witnessing a person committing suicide alters the decision of another person present there with the same intention.Life's too precious to give away just like that.

Surely would read your poems. I have nominated my poems too. Good luck with the contest on indiblogger.
indianhomemaker said…
That's a beautiful and positive story :) There's a Chinese proverb that says we are responsible for anyone whose life we save, now this would be mutual responsibility :) Brilliant idea!!
Anonymous said…
That's a beautiful and positive story :) There's a Chinese proverb that says we are responsible for anyone whose life we save, now this would be mutual responsibility :) Brilliant idea!!
Babli said…
Very well written. I appreciate for your beautiful post. Keep it up!

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