Stream of Emotions

In the whirling of emotions
Things start centering inside
There were so many, implicit and explicit
Fictional and real; dirty and Neat
Words are so feeble to let it out
Heart is restless to clear this doubt
When you are delicate inside
An apparent-stoned-layer rounds outside
Might be it is a nature’s way
To resist the hurtful-feelings and to keep it away
Or might be it is a defensive approach
Which disorients your outside and inside so much
You are dumped into saddening-schizophrenic-hell
To hear your own mournful-melancholic knell
Put out the garbage that has choked the stream of emotions
And the layers that have hided your heart from the rejuvenating ray of sun
Love cannot bloom in the drenched-barren-deserted soul
And without ‘love’ you cannot immaculately enact your role

Dear friends...I am going to be again active in Blog-sphere...My Training has been almost completed now. I have been posted in Bangalore...From this weekend I would be in Bangalore...


Yayaver said…
Nice poem Amit. And welcome back in the blogosphere :)
Guria said…
Welcome back! Wonderful conflict of emotions and words! I'm eager to read your fictions too! All the best with your new job! :))
Singh Amit said…
@Thanks :)
I would try my best to be regular in blog-sphere from now on-wards :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks Guria..:)
Will write fiction soon :)
divsi said…
welcome back!!!!!:))
n congo for completin ya trainin!!!:))

lovely poem...beautifully expressed!:)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot :)
Vikram Karve said…
Lovely Poetry
Good to see you blogging again.
All the Best.
Keep Writing.
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