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It has been quite long since I have written anything for my blog. Sadly, I have written just one poem in these two months. Sometimes I wonder if it was me who has written so many articles on my blog. Today when I remember how passionate I was for writing during those jobless days I envied of me of those days. The happiness of writing was something I realized late in my life. I owe to writing since it revealed something that was unknown, hidden and suppressed with too many layers of weighing life. It was obviously not something great... if “Great” only means an objective parameter for measuring achievement and accomplishment. But it was self-satisfying, like happiness blossomed through his creative effort.  This feeling is so personal that it creates a charm for self and invigorates our self with beauty, appreciation and sense of accomplishment. Writing teaches a lot. It is the best mirror to see our self. It lets us to ponder over things which seem trivial for others, and most importantly it taught me is to think systematically. It is indeed a joy to see how a systematic approach simplifies a complex problem.

Complexity is just web of simplicity. It just depends how you look into the system. Even the most complex system can be deduced to certain integration of simple systems. Systematic thought is discrete in nature. We can easily see the chunks of independent thought woven with well defined responses of others. I love simplifying things. It is a same force of creativity which guides when a painter simplifies the complexity of countless emotions and undefined ambiance onto such a small canvass or when a writer writes intricate and abstruse feeling into words. Though, it is abstract for others but complete for them. The pursuit of Simplification has been continuing for centuries. Philosophy and science, are actually the way to simplify the seemingly complexity of nature. Formulations of scientific laws are just outcome of these attempts. “Theory of Everything” might be the culmination of scientific ways to simplify things.  But somehow, I feel the quest of simplifying things will be continued till this world exists. 

This all shows how innate the quest for simplifying things is. It is the same thing which ignites a passion for exploring things, questioning systems and facing challenges. It is embedded in Artist’s Creativity as well as scientist’s curiosity.

I have started a blog exclusively for photography. Please go through the link and let me know how you feel about it. 


Durga Nandan said…
You have to pay me. It is copyrighted :P "My Real Random Thoughts" @ :P
Sandy said…
Simple, Nice and precise!!

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