Anonymity is a great blessing. It gives you freedom and let you truly be what you are. Even though there are people, who enjoy such freedom in the most conspicuous way, most of the people are not so fortunate to have upbringing which can strengthen them to have ability to face society and culture while being original. For them anonymity is a bliss no matter how cowardly it seems.There can be many argument against anonymity as it somewhat passive and subjective way of living your life without pushing or rebelling against the system which imposes many layers of artificiality over our true being. But the truth is that the labyrinthine structure of social tradition weighs us down and ruins  our confidence to be ourselves. It is not surprising to see that many people don’t even realize how their behaviour is accustomed to the norms of society. From the very beginning of our life, we are disciplined to certain norms. We are told to behold the certain distinction of right and wrong. Little do we know that these criteria are neither absolute nor permanent.  Time comes when we are left to ponder over the contradiction of what we believed and what it really is.
It is said that when we can’t fight, we should hide. I don’t find any feeling of shame in accepting the veracity of this statement. Fighting against system as a person would never have as impact as fighting it with an Idea. Anonymity protects one as an individual and provides a platform where one’s idea can grow, spread and influence the society. This little anomaly in form of idea has the potential to bring out truth by foundering the orthodox norms of society.


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