Feeling Worthy??

Image courtesy: studiomothers.com
For many, there are two distinct ways to feel worthy. Either by doing a worthwhile work or simply, by proving his work worthwhile to others. Former is  self-driven  whereas later is driven by other's judgement. People whose ego only feeds on  external motivations can again be classified into two not-so-distinct classes. First one tries to prove his work worthwhile whereas second one condescends other's work insignificant and mediocre.  Unfortunately, the hazards these second type of people can bring into any organization are often underestimated. Their egotism combined with arrogance engenders a lethal combination which poisons and erodes the core value of organization.  It is worth pondering how such 'mutation' happens; How a fresh graduate from college ends up being such creature. Though it would be amateurish to conclude based on limited observations nevertheless, It is not difficult to find a pattern. The pattern shows a direct relationship between being such creature and being an incompetent. Incompetency leaves no choice for survival other than to devolve into such being.

Where does the solution lie? Solution lies in recognizing such creatures as soon as possible. One needs to put  efforts as it might be difficult at times to see their real face in  the veil of intellectualism.  But once pinpointed, one should keep his/her ears and eyes away from them as it is more than enough to starve their ego.


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