Time Derivative Of Life

Gazing outside the window from the first floor of scientist hostel, I could feel the wet and cold sensation of wind blowing against my face. The feeling itself has a magical pull which brings myself in present, time and again whenever my mind drifts away in remembering the past and dreaming about future. With each passing time, I am loosing this place and within a month, I would see the place placed just in my memories. These three and half years of my life have witnessed many aspects of life which I am very sure have helped me to get an abstract meaning in rather meaningless world. Success and failure are too vague to define these periods of life as these event of "success" and "failure" consist of many dimensions, in some, they are antithesis of what they are perceived in another.
Little do we know about the end of journey when we start it. With each steps forward we discover a new path promising us to give another view of life. We are presented with the choices we cannot avoid. Choices might bring misery but without choices our journey would be just horizontal. We invite choices rather choices invite us. And it needs persistence and hard work to be awarded by choices. Choices are like twigs of trees where each twig will help us to move upward on the tree. Even though I am sceptical, if there  really exists any scenery other than what I see now. However, I find it as worth trying for at least, it would make my life derivative a non-zero.
Very often, the memories of past defines the path we are about the follow. They impress our mind with EXperiences and sometimes they change our perceptions too. That’s why we don't live a moment, we live a life where past and future are equally present.
I don't know where my thoughts got headed from the time I realized the cold sensation of wind against my face. Perhaps, it became bit philosophical. Though, I would be glad if  it would paint the picture which I was looking at while writing this post.
Often when we are at the verge of success and failure we can see the big lie of glory and much hyped fear of failure- Amit
Time derivative of life, when tends to zero.. Boredom is imminent- Amit


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