Hiding your eyes to see what you don't want to see but you must see to resolve the issue is not an act that will let you reach a certain decision. And if I have to attribute such mindset, I will name it as 'being the coward'. We all often succumb to escapism for momentary comfort which, in reality, amplifies the problem with each passing time. Our escape for momentary comfort turns into a nightmare and before we understand what is happening with us, we are caught in a whirlpool of negative emotions which finally leave us depressed, indecisive and broken.

Since 'being the coward' was the reason for such disaster, 'being the brave' is the only solution to get out this misery. We need to arm ourselves with confidence and fight the negativity that has plagued our lives. A decision has to be made. What I have personally realized that being indecisive is far worse than making a decision, even it turns out a wrong decision. A wrong decision can teach you something but being indecisive will only drain out your happiness by keeping you overwhelmed with confusion. Being indecisive is analogous to a situation when something is stuck in your neck and you don’t know if you should swallow it or spit it out and you are not able to do any of these.

The beauty of the world is often explored through the darkest caves and bottomless valleys. 'Death' is the only fear in this world. All other fears are just its reflection. Remembering death makes us realize the mortality and insignificance of our life. Death is very similar to fire - deadly but useful. Death makes all problems in life so minuscule and meaningless. Only by accepting and realizing the impermanence of life, we can be brave enough, be honest, and truthful to us and to others.


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