Distorted emotions; camouflaged expressions
Never been allowed to fly without restrictions
Suppressed, subjugated, concealed and repressed
Wouldn’t they imprison us in a dead-bed?
We take birth and die but in between the two
There is life... momentary, moving and mortal
And there is heart... tender, emotive and irrational
Synchronicity of these two might be “love”
The weakest and the most vulnerable link
Can let us be in heaven or hell in a blink
In the weightless, blossoming and sparkling environment
Emotions are spontaneous and unrestricted
Also, Immaculate and innocent like a child
Expression is reflection of emotions...
And Love is the most subtle and pure form of Expression...


Yayaver said…
Last 2 lines touched me.
Anonymous said…
Amazing poem ...Evry line had so much inner thoguhts ..Left me speechless but quite thought provoking !

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