I heard soothing sound of perhaps, those ringing-bells,
Carried by perfumed wind, breezing from those far green dells
An indistinguishable-invisible life was mixed and merged
 And my ignited-dehydrated heart was somehow quenching his thirst
All of sudden, I stood up, danced, laughed and cried
People were in awe and in surprise, standing by side
I felt more incense; more soothing sound
Mesmerized I was, insisted my friends to make a round
They clapped; they sang and I danced, lying on the ground
I saw group of people, clad in white; walking silently and mournfully
Then I suddenly realized, it was not ringing bells but mourning knells
The mourning knells of one are ringing bells for someone
In life, Contradiction is often driven through the integration
 One’s dark-dreary night might be other’s bright-breezy morrow
Even flowers of happiness blossom in the roots of sorrow


jamos jhalla said…
flowers of happiness it self is a cotradictory.isnt?
Anonymous said…
A wonderful poem !! Indeed contradictions happen in our life ...I liked the way you related your views with death bells :) Its indeed amazing !
divsi said…
amazin metaphor:) veryy well written!!
kudos amit!!:)
Roshmi Sinha said…
A wonderful poem. Very well written... as always.

And the pic was awesome too. As they say: "A picture speaks a thousand words."
Raashi said…
A beautiful expression of contradiction....
Very well written...
keep writing :)
Rima said…
it is realy a wonderful thinking of
wonderful person. i feel proud to be your sister. keep it up

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