Something I belong, Really and Eternally

Somewhere so far I was
Didn’t know what was pinching my heart
Didn’t know what was twitching my eyes
In the emptiness and incompleteness of my own being
Was seeking a companion, a confidant, a matching being
I put my hands on my heart and the Nerves
And I listened between those two Gaps
Something irrational, inexplicable and mysterious
Some vague vibrations were dwelling inside my heart of hearts
Invisible wires, disintegrated due the loads of longevity
Devastating celestial-communication of me and divinity
And you put your loving hands on my head
A miraculous and mysterious resonance occurred
My heart found its own rhyme and rhythm
My eyes were no longer dim and numb
My soul was dancing in the music of existence
I was free, now there was no boundaries, no fence
I did not believe in God; I did not believe in Miracle
I did not believe in mysteries; I did not believe the power of soul
But that day...I experienced God...I experienced Miracle
I witnessed mystery... and in your soul I found mine
You are the origin of my Life; the quintessence of love
And there is an invisible and indestructible link
That even your memories let me sleep in your lap
In this Vast and huge territorial Map
If something I belong, really and eternally
This is one and only, your warm and loving lap


Rahul said…
Amazing Poem..You really know your words..Happy Mothers Day.Cheers...
raman said…
i like it Baliya carry on
Roshmi Sinha said…
Wonderful... as always!
Geeta said…
Awesome....Wonderfully penned...

All the best for the contest
Sandhya said…
beautiful.........good luck for the contest.
Tweety said…
wooooooooow amit ur blog left me spell bounded :) awsome poem...

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