Come On INDIA!!

Things are changing fast. Perception and its reaction have quite changed in these years. Thanks to media, and people like Anna Hazzare and Baba Ramdev...The stream of awareness in people’s perception is finally claiming to bring a Tsunami against the old-wretched political and beureachratic system of India.     
A revolution is not an accident. It is certificate for people’s lost faith and dying hope to existing governing system. And the recent appalling acts of corruption one after another by governing party were more than enough to trigger the people’s fury. And when Anna Hazzare became the torch bearer, millions supported him in the hope that a “Change” would finally come. The “Change”.... The dawn of which will bring the end of blood-sucking-Vampires from Indian Political and beureachratic system.
So my question is ...Would really the acceptance of LOKPAL BILL bring this change or would it just create another camouflaged and just superficially-changed old system, painted in eyes-soothing colours? The biggest threat of LOKPAL BILL is it might centralize the power in the hands of few civil people who could curb both judiciary as well as Prime minister. Well, History is witness that centralization of power has never been a good idea. It would eventually lead to either dictatorship or complete anarchy. Therefore, It is imperative that there should not be an isolated control, control must be mutual....not unidirectional.
Anna Hazzare’s war against government is not a political movement. Somehow BaBa Ramdev involvement in this crusade politicized the revolution and tried to defile the demand of “Change” into just “the change of Existing government”. It is not the change of Government that will bring the solution of corruption...But It is the change of policy which can make the system more transparent and system more accountable to common citizens. And that is where inclusion of top official in LOKPAL bill could be effective.
I admire Anna and Baba...not because what they are personally but for their initiation....And countries like India where people are shamelessly-sleeping in their own pigeon hole and are completely oblivious to their rights and is indeed great to initiate. A revolution cannot churn the system for good if it does not have a clear vision and plan for implementation. Initiation is prerequisite which no doubt has been offered by Anna Hazzare and somewhat by Baba Ramdev. But a collective clear vision and implementation are outcome of intellect that is where I feel, rawness of LOKPAL bill can be polished and modified by the constructive suggestions and discussions.
We, the youths, have been sleeping for decades. I wonder how many of the youths would have any idea about LOKPAL Bill. I salute Anna Hazarre for taking a stand against the rising corruption and for raising alarm against sleeping Junta of India. Hazzare has lighted the torch...and it is duty of our youths to perpetuate the torch until the deep-seated corruption incinerates into ashes. If you want the change, be the change.
Come On INDIA!!!!
It would be apt to repeat Thakur’s dialogue from Sholey in the current scenerio...
(लोहा गर्म है मार दो हथौरा )


Anonymous said…
I share your views all along except that I personally believe that no revolution will succeed unless the "Social Acceptance" of corruption goes away.

In my own limited experience, I noticed that even respect can be gained by money in our society, regardless the means. We all are collectively responsible for the same.

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