Swelling Technology & Waning Spirituality

In this era of technological revolution, our efforts are merging towards an absolute control of everything. Just push a button and apparently, everything from lighting, AC, TV or even opening and closing of doors are at our finger tips. Sometimes, I wonder what would be the end of this revolution. Would it be like as we see in Hollywood movies in which they repeatedly show the control of humanity by human-made ROBOTs or would it just start mitigating as everything in nature does after reaching its peak. I cannot say if the evolution followed by revolution is cyclic or linear but a little observation in the changing scenario can provide a substantial clue for coming future.

From the inception of Mankind, religion and science are the two basic structures which have been supporting humanity. If Science feeds you, religion gives you the taste of food. Both are distinct but inevitable for Mankind. The lack of anyone would create havoc in the system.If we go slightly deeper into the realm of science and religion, we acknowledge that comparison of science and technology is pointless. Religion is just an application of spirituality as technology is of Science. Science is journey of outwards and spirituality is of inwards. Science is pursuit of discovering the things which are...But just hidden. It is just like demystifying the unknown. Technology is the exploitation of this hidden knowledge for our use. In a same way, spirituality is a journey of knowing our inner self...the purest form which is aptly described in scriptures...Satya- Chita- Ananda...Religion guides us to embark the journey of inwards. Prayers, worshipping and scriptures are just few applications of spirituality to lead us towards inner self.

Somewhere, in the high decibel and dazzling development of technology, we have become oblivious to the basic structure of technology....Science. On the other side...Religion is also contaminated by preposterous and dogmatic thought which has blurred the true purpose of religion and more often, it is appearing devilishly in the form of war and genocide.  No doubt...Technology is providing a lot of things...But also taking a lot of things...More things are coming in our control...Less controlled we are getting. The incessant pursuit of technology has overshadowed the inquisitiveness of mankind and hence, pursuit of science.

So, where are we leading... towards a path of glorious Mankind or doomed Mankind? It is hard to envisage the future of Mankind but with little interpolation of swelling technology and waning spirituality in the wake of nuclear Bombs...it would not be an exaggeration to say that if your light, AC and door can be controlled by a push switch, presumably the life of whole planet could also be at someone finger tips...and we, who are losing our own conscience in imparting intelligence to steel-bodies...it would be really disastrous and might be, the culmination of Mankind. 


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