1. If you have not made any mistakes in your life, you would not have anything interesting to make other's laugh.
  2. Choices engender confusions. But, often out of the confusions, we come to correct decision.
  3. The image, we see of others, is always tinted with our own colors.
  4. Experience is the additional lens; life rewards us to see the subtlety of life more clearly.
  5. In hindsight, justification is often driven by rejection.
  6. Happiness and sorrows in life are like poles and zeroes of control system. If positioned correctly, they       make life more happening and responsive.
  7. Uniqueness lies in diversity. 
  8. Efficiency : Meaning :: Adam Smith : Karl Marx :: Machine : Human
  9. To me, an author is just an instrument who amplifies the thoughts and ideas filtered out by his consciousness. The 'bandwidth' of consciousness is critical in such scenario as it largely decides what thoughts and ideas it would amplify. 


Himanshu Rai said…
3rd,8th and 9th one are good...
Amit said…
Thank you very much..:) Also thanks for visiting my blog after a long time..

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