Roadies? Are you crazy?

Great Osho has described the thirty different meanings and usage of one of the most popular words in the english dictionary "fu**.Certainly Osho will be pleased on the luck of "fu**" since the two dudes Raghu and Nikhil are using all the 30 meanings in their language.Long live Raghu and Nikhil for their potential for pretentious temper and irritable gesture. Recently I have seen two or three episode of Roadies and for a moment this has changed my perception and attitude of my life. Be emotionless, be vulgar , be animal , be rude to ur family and then you are rodies. if the definition of openness in the wikipedia of Raghu is being animal(free to behave , act , speak) then he is going to devast the whole social system. Every man has some boundries, some constraints and values that has to be followed to live the life with letting other's live. These are not show off, these are essential to attain. These are requirements. yestereday I was watching roadies and was amazed to see a girl who does n't tolerate the interference of parents and brother;who wants to be alone for practicing liquor, cigarattes and all the insane things, was selected. Certainly this will try to mould the tender minds of youngers in negative way.Rodies are becomming ideal and one can imagine what will happen when all will follow them. Raghu is attacking on the calmness , coolness and values of Indians. If wearing pink shoes and nail-polishing is being bunny then what about baldheaded and "w" cut dadhi of Raghu. Roadies is not presenting a reality show but misleading the young generation for selling their real(R) obscene(O) annoying(A) devasting(D) intentionaly(I) egregious(E) show(S).


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