Management and technology

At present ,when the great giant of globalisation is spreading their arm in every nook and corner of this world ,it is inevitable for all and sundry to manage one's resources in optimum way and will have at most possible heuristic solution of every problem. In this competitive world merely good technology is not sufficient but making it available for everyone is utmost necessary. it can only possible by managing
its cost,increasing its awareness and selection of the most worth zone for this technology. So If a technocrat is well in management also then his each step of technology will be embraced with feasibility and acceptibility in view to the political, social and economical environment of that place. Moreover if u dream to be Bill Gates then you must have to be an entrepreneur, not an employee and entrepreneurship
involves the best managerial skills. Therfore i strongly recommend a person whose mind is homogenous mixture of management and technology to survive in this competitive and fast-moving


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