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Education Needs Revolution

A system is set up to meet the requirements of an individual or a group in society. Like most of thing a system may be classified into two types- Global and local. Education system is global one. Before throwing light upon present education system and changes that will eventually lead it to a healthy and fruitful system, I would like to express the expectation from an ideal education system.
Education is elixir of life. It converts a savage person to a cultured and well-behaved person; lifts the standard of man above animals; creates a peaceful and morally elevated society, in which every person should carry out their privileges avoiding interference in other’s right. An ideal education not only facilitates materialistic comfort but also elevate the spiritual level of our consciousness. Education meets the requirement of skillful and expert people in a particular field that creates a harmonious environment among people. It makes to turn over a new leaf of society.
If we observe in history, we witness that our present education system is influenced by education system, founded by lord machaalee. Even, our liberty can not make our education independent. Many decades have passed, yet there is slight change in education system. It is appreciating that our education system is devised in such a way that it envisage all element to cultivate a dexterous personality. Our schools teach every subject including morality, religion, culture and history as primary education that enlightens intellect of younger so that they can be aware of every aspect of life. Our education seems to be like a cone in terms of options which has a wider base and shrinks as we proceed. As we move, our education converges to become object-oriented. At every step of our proceeding we are served with choices and this time our choices can become our career, if they are chosen by interest and conscience. About at the age of seventeen we are at the verge, where we decide our own root for goal. Engineering, medical, fashion, mass-communication, business and many other careers’ waits for our welcome. We make choices and witness our interested careers. To make every step ahead, we have to cross previous step of Indian education system. Our education system envisages better opportunities unless proper choices are made and basic necessities are completed.
But now it is big issue whether we, Indian, are eligible to make proper choices and to complete basic necessities. If we are not then we have to change it according to our society. More than 40% people are facing so much domestic problems for them it is a herculean task to be educated. Who could think about education if he is starving to death? For a hungry man, even moon seems to a piece of bread. There is a difference of earth and sky in the economical condition of the people of India. Definitely education is not untouchable by money. Present education demands money. So ultimately inflation in education occurs. Population is increasing by leaps and bounds. Our living standards and daily requirements are emerging as a huge demon that must be fulfilled in order to peace and harmony. Culture is adopting new tradition and values. Therefore modification of present education system is inevitable to meet the present demands. Goal oriented education should be increased. For this one has to approach just from its childhood. Everyone should have crystal clear idea about its interest so that it can make choices earlier and can concentrate on its strength rather than its weaknesses. Everyone has unique talent. At present, we are being imposed to study what we consider monotonous. We have no idea about their interest, their choices, their unique abilities. We are flowing in the river of darkness. Whatever the objects we hold in this river becomes our goal. It not only reduced our possibility of success but also eliminates a skillful person in a particular field. Recently it was published that 7 lakh students has participated for 9000 engineering seats all over the country. This is double than what it was 2 years before. It is astonishing how the migration in education is converging in particular field. Finally it leads to distressful and disastrous atmosphere among the youths of today. Everyone is converging towards one or two specific carriers which are increasing competition, frustration and finally unemployment. Carriers are chosen money-oriented rather than interest-oriented. Declination of moral and ethical values places our country at higher rank in corruption and crime. Importance of degrees rather than knowledge has also created a gap between the perception of ideal education and current education. Examination system is also not enabling to justify the ability of students. They only discriminates a group from a large number of students. Politics has poisoned the education.
For a country, devoid of poverty and corruption, we need skillful professionals and morally elevated society. Therefore, inevitably, eligibility and knowledge should be only determining factor of one’s life, not cast and creed.
In a nutshell my recommendation for enhancing the education system is as follows.

v Politics should not mingle with education.
v The transparency of examination should be sustained.
v Our steps should not be determined by our previous steps rather than it should depend on our knowledge means to be graduate one need not pass intermediate.
v Some profession should be reserved for old people and for this there should be a transparent and healthy competition.
v A child should concentrate more on knowing their strengths rather than their weaknesses.
v Spiritual and moral knowledge should be imparted in every faculty.
v Professionals should be taught proper ethical values.
v More number of options (carriers just after 12th examination) should be increased and they should be treated to grow its importance equally to others.
v Practical knowledge should have more importance than theoretical knowledge.
v Basic education should be made free and proper loan, scholarship should be imparted for downtrodden people.
v Reservation should be based on poverty and it should be made only to enhance their knowledge, not one’s rank in examination. Knowledge should only way to qualify any exam.

Education links our self to perfection. One could not be like others. No one could be Ram or Rahim. Everyone posses unique talents. It is our duty to recognize and enhance it. Today education is also Industrialized and commercialized. This needs a swift revolution that can shape it into present circumstances avoiding our values. We should not be oblivious to the aim of education. The aim of education is to make our life pleasant without making other distressed. A perfect education is only one medicine that can preserve humanity from the viruses of competition, envy, lust and corruption.


kunal said…
literal meaning of education is process of learning and gaining knowledge
but if u see today's conditions mostly people are not pursuing what they wanted to be instead of that thing are going for the sake of career n bright future because competition is more than hard
i fairly liked this post as it showering the views on flaws in education system n most important on our mentality that what we actually want
good work keep in flowing

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