Happiness lies in ourselves

Whenever I consider myself in a more subtle way about the requirement which should be titled first priority I acknowledge enjoyment in every circumstances is the essense of one's life. During my childhood , hapiness was not embraced with success, any award. It was natural ,ultimate reality of one's inner-being. As I grew ,I looked for the sources of enjoyment and became so oblivious to the fruit for which I was chasing that to find source has become my nature. I had strained every nerve to qualify IIT-JEE with a daydream of comfortable and pleasent life. now when i am in ITBHU I use to have a daydream about myself as an engineer in a multinational company. After a long experience due to the conflicts of my expectations and fate i come across the conclusion that happiness is an an option of one's mind. Fate is just like a circular object that can not be fitted into the square of expectations. one can not discriminate the source and fruit. Fruit lies in the source it self. If you carry out your responsibilities , your duties ,a sense of satisfaction bears which is the prominent constitute of happiness. It is not the work, but the way of work which decides the barrier of happiness. It is my personal view that if the basic necessities of a man is completed a man can be happy by altering his attitude in the shadow of any disaster.
Let happiness flows in ourself ,for it is the blood of our conciousnes..................


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