Pain and Sacrifice

Mahatma Gandhi used to say that whenever we are going to do something, visualize how t is going to affect the poorest man you have ever seen in your life. Our (above certain level in basic necessities) so called Happiness and sorrows are relative to person surrounding you (it is you who choose who are surrounding you). A theory of relativity generalizes the concept of our happiness and sorrows. Therefore this is an attempt to extinguish your pain and for all (I do not know who they are) who feel irritated, frustrated, feeling dejected and rejected over very trivial (in my views) issues.

It was a rainy day,
Inside there was a storm, outside, a funny day.
Tears were being washed by the drops of rain,
The strike of rain was making oblivious to pain.

(As I moved)
I saw an old farmer, struggling with coughing noise,
His hands were trembling but eyes are still in rejoice.
His sweats are dancing with the rain drops,
Like a father, he was protecting his crops.

I saw a woman, hiding a child in her bosom,
Like a warrior, she was fighting for someone.
She was running and running from one tree to another,
Not only the rain but trees had also tears for her.

I realized what an insane I am,
What a disdain pain, I have, compare to them.
My pains are only suffering, and theirs are sacrifice,
They are enjoying the pain which is of no price


nice blog. deep pensive thoughts. Wish you all the best.
Yayaver said…
deep thoughts about life..excellent.

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