Helpless Smile: 55-Fiction#5

A beautiful-sunny morning
Children were running, playing and enjoying
in the cool-breezy-aromatic air
Her soft-tempting eyes were moving...
Suddenly an elderly voice sprouted into air
Come on, Girl! Run and play with these children
She looked behind the bench and with
a helpless-feeble smile, lifted up her crutches...

Polio free India-Let’s deliver!
Hit hard, make dream a reality! 


Bharathi said…
so sad. Nice 55 fiction though.
Yayaver said…
so nice and heart breaking...
Shruti said…
AWESOME is the only word from me :)
divsi said…
Sad heartwrenchin but very nicely written:)kudos!
Mahesh Kalaal said…
Touching !!!!!!!

thats it.:)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot ... :)

@ Yayaver
Thank you very much.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot.. :)

Thanks a lot.. :)
Singh Amit said…
@ Mahesh..
Thanks buddy..:)

Thanks buddy
but I can't decode your comment.. :)
Durga Nandan said…
nice one.. actually, touching..
BK Chowla said…
A very touching post.
Anonymous said…
I like all your 55 fiction :)conveys so much in small form , and the most of I like in your fictions is your way of conveying the meassge ! Hats off :)
Singh Amit said…
@Durga Nandan
Thanks a lot... :)
Glad that u liked it..
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot..
Singh Amit said…
@Chowla ji
Thanks a lot.. :)
Singh Amit said…
Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment..:)
Welcome to my blog..
thanks for following me.. :)
Keep visiting
Beautiful 55F. It did not trade the content for the post length. Beautifully done Amit !
The last word is the total essence of this fiction....I wonder how creative your thoughts are...Good work Amit :)
Amritbir Kaur said…
The poem was very touching...
I am glad to have visited your blog. Keep it up!

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