Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Much And How Different Value Of Money Is

This is my first short story (a long story I have already written), trying hard to express my feeling through my insufficient vocabulary in English literature. I hope, someday I will have enough English word to express my emotions more profoundly.

I was in 3rd year in IT-BHU, Varanasi. Assi-Ghat used to be my best spot, for peace and serenity descends into me as my mind synchronizes to the rhythm and tranquility of Ganges. Every evening after watching, contemplating and passing some alone moments, I used to content my tongue, without bothering my stomach at PAHALWAN LASSI BHANDAR. But that evening was not the same evening.

As I paid to the shop owner and was about to put my-self on my Honda-Activa, a sudden touché, so delicate yet so demanding made me to turn my eyes. What I saw, was a woman in mid forties, cladding in torn saris, holding a semi-clad baby in her bosom. Her whitish-brown scattered hairs, deep-dark earnest eyes, pale face, were reflecting her bottomless agony but yet reflecting the every quality of motherly-love. I often witnessed many beggars as I feel Varanasi should be more a city of beggars than city of temples. But there is something in her for that I could not turn off my eyes. I took out my purse, silently forwarded 10 rs to her. A happiness, a hope and a gratefulness reflected through her eyes as a drop waved rippled in a silent, serious and monotonous river. I first time realized how much and how different value of money is.

I hardly moved some meters, riding on my activa through agitated crowd, a sudden movement; a crying sound vibrated my ear. I turned behind and saw the same woman running towards me and struggling to crowd for coming forward. Few meters had become kilometers as crowd seemed to ever-increasing population of India, concentrated here only for this moment. I could not believe on my eyes, when a sudden pulser bike, hit her, became invisible into crowd and left her wounded. People encircled her. I ran and reached her, hold her hand. She was taking deep breaths, yet tightened her blood stained hand across the baby with my purse in her second hand. I managed her to hospital with the help of my friends but again I realized how much and how different value of money is.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random thoughts

My desires only seem to me immortal as they hold up my mind, ridicule to my heart, fill me with dream to achieve .It challenges me to show my potential, to show that I am existing. I can feel the duality that wants to shatter each other. I doubt the path which I have chosen to follow whether it has chosen by me or path has chosen me. My path is trying to coincide to a confluence of desire, power and reputation. A fear to become obsolete is driving me, forcing me to increase the complexity of life. One side of my mind is saying to jump again in the hell of competition and other side to be grateful for what you have already got.

What an enchanting evening this is! Sky looks like a painting, is gifted to us by the existence on blue canvas with different color. The metamorphosis of clouds into different shape is claiming the movement and changefulness of life, challenging the orthodox and dogmatic thoughts of narrow-minded people. A breezy air, passing through my air is whispering a no lyrical song, touching my heart and soul. Trees, around me are dancing and rejoicing in the togetherness of air. My spell of individuality is weakening, loosing and trying to embrace the trees, wind, sky and the buildings and feeling of my self is redefining, reinventing in the lap of everything around me.

There is nothing to be serious.

All the jokes are excerpted from OSHO-WORLD magzine. While reading , i have come across some beautiful lines about seriousness...

1.Seriousness is a disease.

2.There is nothing to be serious.

3.Only idiots are serious.


Ø      Mulla Nasrudin and his wife were sitting on a bench in the park one evening just at dusk. Without knowing that they were close by, a young man and his girl friend sat down at a bench on the other side of a hedge.Almost immediately, the young man began to talk in the most loving manner imaginable."He does not know we are sitting here," Mulla Nasrudin's wife whispered to her husband. "It sounds like he is going to propose to her. I think you should cough or something and warn him.""WHY SHOULD I WARN HIM?" asked Nasrudin. "NOBODY WARNED ME."

           Ø      "We want a responsible man for this job," said the employer to the applicant, Mulla                   Nasrudin.   

            "Well, I guess I am just your man," said Nasrudin.


         Ø      Mulla Nasrudin complained to the doctor about the size of his bill.

              "But, Mulla," said the doctor, "You must remember that I made eleven visits to your                      home  for you."
             "YES," said Nasrudin, "BUT YOU SEEM TO BE FORGETTING THAT I                                     INFECTED THE WHOLE NEIGHBOURHOOD."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything”. To understand this, first we have to know what ‘theory’ is and what significance of ‘everything’ is.
A certain phenomenon is analyzed, based on the observation. We try to present the analysis into a conceptual and abstract thought which is called theory. Observations may not be absolute, so theory is revised. Many times, certain observation may contradict the fundamental assumption taken while presenting theory and hence may falsified the theory.
Everything means everything surrounds you, effect directly or indirectly or is affected directly or indirectly. Everything is not limited to mechanical world where beauty, love and compassion are abstract senses; but here everything includes all; the feeling after seeing a rose; the happiness after getting a success; the desperation after departing your lover. The question remains whether we can be able to formularize or conceptualize these things and can predict a theory. For this, our observation should be infinite and some-times; it seems a never-lasting process. It may have two reasons. Either the complexity of nature is truly bottomless or the way we have chosen to describe the universe is inaccurate, asymptotic approximation of reality. But whatever will be, the nature is so much arranged, regulated, automated that it stills claims a certain theory which encompasses all. As the Newtonian mechanics describes the motion as a function of mass, position and time, may be ‘Theory of Everything’ requires more parameters and dimensions to explain everything. The quest of this theory is quest of these parameters. It’s amazing to visualize the similarity of quantum physics to the universe, the similarity of human physiology to the universe (as described by Patanjali in Yoga Sastra). When it is said that Universe is expansion of our self, it means that the same phenomena that occurs in your body happens in universe in a gross manner. It is question of future whether we will be able to find this theory or not. According to Stephen hawking, even if we will be able to find the ‘theory of everything’, it will be necessarily a set of equations. So let’s wait when we will have equation to demonstrate the smell of rose, joy of love and distress in disaster.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Final Words

As soon as I pondered why I would miss IT-BHU. A lot of thoughts rippled in my mind, created a turbulence, in which everything was blurred. I waited for it to settle down and whatever I am going to write is the reflection of my feelings. It’s amazing to feel that
New sense,
New friends,
New expectations,
New temptations are now

An experience,
A source of immense love,
Fulfilled ambitions,
A realization of baseless existence.

I can never forget the never-ending discussion to my friends. Sometime, this is mixed with noise and aggression. The domain of our discussion was small, but it has a larger range.

I will miss parties in IT-BHU, for they are the one who familiarized me the untouched dimension of my life.

I owe to Yogesh (Boka) for making me to pronounce the morally illegal statement after his constant practice for two years.

I owe to Praveen (Bihari) for criticizing my blogs, my theoretical thoughts and my life habits which steered to me a direction to became the greatest chatu(talkative) (As he is).

I owe to pavan (pamu) for understanding the deepest sense of love, its sweetness, its sourness, its softness, its hardness, its addiction and desperation.

I owe to Avanish(Gandhi) for understanding the techniques by which you always have some work in front of you (academic) and you have a way to show that you are the busiest person.

I owe to Santosh(santy) for his dedication in making class notes which are making us finally, a graduate engineer from IT-BHU.

I owe to Viram(veeru) for making me to understand the feasibility to eat maximum number of sweets (especially Rasgullas ) in parties without being noticed. His diligence and intelligence is not only limited to academics but also in other aspects of life.

I owe to Amit (bhabua) for making me to understand what it means to be cool in life and how to enjoy your life, the god has gifted to you. My discussion with him was like a struggle between logic and intuition which finally led us to peaceful acceptance of our point without any conclusion.

And finally if anyone has to realize how these 4 years are capable for an outstanding transformation in multi-dimensional personality, no one could portray as Amisha did.

I owe to every single individual of my branch. I am grateful to God that he has given me an opportunity to be with them in the journey of my life. I wish the great future for all of them.