Random thoughts

My desires only seem to me immortal as they hold up my mind, ridicule to my heart, fill me with dream to achieve .It challenges me to show my potential, to show that I am existing. I can feel the duality that wants to shatter each other. I doubt the path which I have chosen to follow whether it has chosen by me or path has chosen me. My path is trying to coincide to a confluence of desire, power and reputation. A fear to become obsolete is driving me, forcing me to increase the complexity of life. One side of my mind is saying to jump again in the hell of competition and other side to be grateful for what you have already got.

What an enchanting evening this is! Sky looks like a painting, is gifted to us by the existence on blue canvas with different color. The metamorphosis of clouds into different shape is claiming the movement and changefulness of life, challenging the orthodox and dogmatic thoughts of narrow-minded people. A breezy air, passing through my air is whispering a no lyrical song, touching my heart and soul. Trees, around me are dancing and rejoicing in the togetherness of air. My spell of individuality is weakening, loosing and trying to embrace the trees, wind, sky and the buildings and feeling of my self is redefining, reinventing in the lap of everything around me.


Yayaver said…
Again the unending question, 'who am I' is the reason of all faith and doubt. Dualsim is the part of nature and always will be.Once again, a highly introspective post. few metaphors like "metamorphosis of clouds into different shapes" is amazing.

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