Final Words

As soon as I pondered why I would miss IT-BHU. A lot of thoughts rippled in my mind, created a turbulence, in which everything was blurred. I waited for it to settle down and whatever I am going to write is the reflection of my feelings. It’s amazing to feel that
New sense,
New friends,
New expectations,
New temptations are now

An experience,
A source of immense love,
Fulfilled ambitions,
A realization of baseless existence.

I can never forget the never-ending discussion to my friends. Sometime, this is mixed with noise and aggression. The domain of our discussion was small, but it has a larger range.

I will miss parties in IT-BHU, for they are the one who familiarized me the untouched dimension of my life.

I owe to Yogesh (Boka) for making me to pronounce the morally illegal statement after his constant practice for two years.

I owe to Praveen (Bihari) for criticizing my blogs, my theoretical thoughts and my life habits which steered to me a direction to became the greatest chatu(talkative) (As he is).

I owe to pavan (pamu) for understanding the deepest sense of love, its sweetness, its sourness, its softness, its hardness, its addiction and desperation.

I owe to Avanish(Gandhi) for understanding the techniques by which you always have some work in front of you (academic) and you have a way to show that you are the busiest person.

I owe to Santosh(santy) for his dedication in making class notes which are making us finally, a graduate engineer from IT-BHU.

I owe to Viram(veeru) for making me to understand the feasibility to eat maximum number of sweets (especially Rasgullas ) in parties without being noticed. His diligence and intelligence is not only limited to academics but also in other aspects of life.

I owe to Amit (bhabua) for making me to understand what it means to be cool in life and how to enjoy your life, the god has gifted to you. My discussion with him was like a struggle between logic and intuition which finally led us to peaceful acceptance of our point without any conclusion.

And finally if anyone has to realize how these 4 years are capable for an outstanding transformation in multi-dimensional personality, no one could portray as Amisha did.

I owe to every single individual of my branch. I am grateful to God that he has given me an opportunity to be with them in the journey of my life. I wish the great future for all of them.


Yayaver said…
Wish you best of luck for future.

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