Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything”. To understand this, first we have to know what ‘theory’ is and what significance of ‘everything’ is.
A certain phenomenon is analyzed, based on the observation. We try to present the analysis into a conceptual and abstract thought which is called theory. Observations may not be absolute, so theory is revised. Many times, certain observation may contradict the fundamental assumption taken while presenting theory and hence may falsified the theory.
Everything means everything surrounds you, effect directly or indirectly or is affected directly or indirectly. Everything is not limited to mechanical world where beauty, love and compassion are abstract senses; but here everything includes all; the feeling after seeing a rose; the happiness after getting a success; the desperation after departing your lover. The question remains whether we can be able to formularize or conceptualize these things and can predict a theory. For this, our observation should be infinite and some-times; it seems a never-lasting process. It may have two reasons. Either the complexity of nature is truly bottomless or the way we have chosen to describe the universe is inaccurate, asymptotic approximation of reality. But whatever will be, the nature is so much arranged, regulated, automated that it stills claims a certain theory which encompasses all. As the Newtonian mechanics describes the motion as a function of mass, position and time, may be ‘Theory of Everything’ requires more parameters and dimensions to explain everything. The quest of this theory is quest of these parameters. It’s amazing to visualize the similarity of quantum physics to the universe, the similarity of human physiology to the universe (as described by Patanjali in Yoga Sastra). When it is said that Universe is expansion of our self, it means that the same phenomena that occurs in your body happens in universe in a gross manner. It is question of future whether we will be able to find this theory or not. According to Stephen hawking, even if we will be able to find the ‘theory of everything’, it will be necessarily a set of equations. So let’s wait when we will have equation to demonstrate the smell of rose, joy of love and distress in disaster.


Yayaver said…
Hi Amit,if like u i was also interested in this theory but faced the hurdle of Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle and kurt Godel theorem of incompleteness.
Amit414@IT-BHU said…
thanks for your comment..
All the physical theory that has given till today are successive approximation to reality and hence I agree that it seems unlikely to converge a series of approximation to truth. but some physicist also claim that after each new theory, due to Gauge symmetry , theories becomes simpler which lead to believe them the existence of such theory...
Durga Nandan said…
Wow!! You stole my words!! The post with thoughts on this, I have it on my drafts. Will soon publish it. :)

Not just the theory of everything, Indians found out a lot of things and "philosophised" them long back. Just cos they are in sanskrit and just cos, we dont care to spread our heritage and epics, we end up accepting things from the west as their work.

Lots of glaring similarities.. Really!

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